#Collection Corner- Lego Tantive IV (Part 2)

The build goes on…

If you missed the first part of the Tantive IV build then you can read it HERE.

This post will cover Bags 8 – 13 of the build.

Bags 8  and 9 build the rear of the middle of the ship, including the area that will hold the handle to allow for easy transport. We also get the two ‘Escape Pods’ on either side of the ship. They have enough room to hold a pair of mini-figs but are designed to hold the R2 and C-3PO figures.

Which of course are included. Not much really to say about these mini-figs as they are the same as we have had in previous waves over the last few years.

Bags 10 and 11 finish the engines. The engines could become very repetitive but the designers have altered each one, in very minor ways, but enough to let us enjoy the build rather than slog through a few bags of the same old thing.

Bag 12 lets us get back into the meat of the build, now we get the radar dish/carry handle and the roof of the middle section. Both parts are beautifully designed and well detailed. The handle doesn’t feel out of place or obtrusive which is great, because some of these handles can look somewhat odd when incorporated into a build.

The roof of the main hold just looks gorgeous. The use of small parts for the details is phenomenal and incredibly screen accurate.

We also get Captain Antillies in this bag. He comes with a blaster and the same style of helmet we got on the Rebel Trooper in the first bag. The design of the mini-fig is great, especially for a character who doesn’t have much screen time. I just love his second face, one of pure terror, so all I want to do now is mock up a scene with Vader strangling him.

The final bag lets us finally build that iconic cockpit which is mainly made up by four half-cone pieces with stickers, which, for me, were the bit I was dreading the most. But I think I did a good job with them.

I’m not going to lie, this build is big. Upon completion my wife half-joked that we need a bigger house. It is the biggest set in my collection and it towers over all of my other large sets (even the First Order Star Destroyer). The detail is incredible, more so than any of the other sets I own and for the size and price I would expect that level of detail.

The price is fair, in my opinion and worth it in terms of the longevity (it took me almost two months, mainly due to a lack of free time recently) and the enjoyment of the build itself.

I can’t recommend this set enough. It looks great, it’s fun to build and seeing as we get the first Bail Organa min-fig it’s got to be worth it.

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