#CollectionCorner – Where Are the ‘Resistance’ Toys?

After one season of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’, that has grown a huge and dedicated fan base but the merchandise is severely lacking, especially here in the UK.

So far, even though there has been an action figure wave, I have yet to see them in any shops or online, with the exception of larger Comic Shops, which I don’t have access to. And Amazon have the single figures listed at £17.99!

The only ‘Resistance’ toys that are easily accessible are the two Lego sets based on the series, ‘Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter’ and ‘Black Ace’, and my feelings on the ‘Black Ace’ being one of the two sets from the series have been made clear on a few occasions, being that I don’t get why they chose to release ‘Black Ace’ over any of the more recognisable ships from the series.

And now, I have heard on one of the many Star Wars Podcasts that I listen to (possibly Steele Wars from SDCC) that Hasbro have no plans to release any more figures from the series!

I’m really hoping that come the Winter 2020 wave of sets that we will be getting more Lego sets from the series and as the new waves of figures come out around and after ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ we will see more figures from the series, much like we got with the later waves of both ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Rogue One’ figures adding the ‘Rebels’ characters to their ranks.

Honestly, all I want is The Fireball in Lego form, with Yeager, Tam and Neeku mini-figs and Torra Doza’s racer with Torra and Captain Doza (and maybe Synara), but there are so many ships it would be remiss to make them available. I’ve said it before that a couple of two-packs of the Ace Ships would be great, like the ‘Rebels’ A-Wing/Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced that came out in 2016.

Unfortunately only time will tell, but as we near the second season I really hope we get some more merchandise from this amazing show.

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