My Star Wars (Life) Reviews -The Clone Wars: Season 3 Disc 2 Part 1

Rather than write about The Clone Wars episodes individually or by story-arc, I have decided to review it by disc as they are in the Blu-Ray Box Set releases.

In this post the episodes I will be reviewing are ‘Evil Plans’, ‘Hunt for Ziro’, ‘Heroes on Both Sides’ and ‘Pursuit of Peace’.

Evil Plans

This is a prequel to the Season One finale, ‘Hostage Crisis’ where Cad Bane takes Padmé, Bail and other Senators hostage until Palpatine releases Ziro the Hutt. This episode shows how Cad Bane gets the schematics for the Senate Building, his mission is to deliver the plans to Jabba the Hutt who after getting permission from the Hutt Council.

He gets the schematics by kidnapping C-3PO and R2-D2 and downloading the schematics whilst they are on a ‘mission’ to buy Jogan Fruit for a party Padmé is holding.

Whilst not my favourite episode (by far) it does some great lore building around the Hutts. We get to see a meeting between the heads of the five Hutt families, who, other than Jabba are designed to look like gangsters from films, which is hilarious but brilliantly done so that we subconsciously recognise them as crime lords.

We also find out that there a day spas for Droids…

This really acts as a set up for the ‘Hostage Crisis’ episode and the episode that I’ll be reviewing next, but really it’s just filler. ‘Hostage Crisis’ works well without it, the most important part of this whole episode is the Hutt Council hiring Cad Bane to free Ziro the Hutt from prison on Coruscant.

Hunt for Ziro

Now free from Republic prison, Ziro is locked up by the Hutt Council.

The Jedi Council sends Obi-Wan and Quinlan Vos to find Ziro and they travel to Nal Hutta but are too late, Ziro has been broken out by Sy Snootles.

The Jedi visit the Council and Vos uses his power to read memories from objects to find that the Hutts are lying and that Ziro was their prisoner. The Jedi then start looking for the escaped Ziro.

The Hutt Council here Cad Bane to find Ziro who, along with Sy Snootles have gone to visit Mama the Hutt in the Nal Hutt swamps who loans Ziro her starship.

The Jedi reach Mama’s house who tells them that Ziro is heading for the planet Teth. On Teth, Ziro goes to his father’s mausoleum where he had hidden a journal full of Hutt secrets and Sy Snootles kills Ziro and takes the journal. Bane finds Ziro’s corpse as Kenobi and Vos arrive and a chase ensues which Bane escapes.

On Tatooine it comes to light that Jabba hired Sy Snootles to kill Ziro and steal the journal.

A great conclusion to the story started in ‘Hostage Crisis’ and we get to finally see Nal Hutta which the creators have in a way fashioned the planet to be reminiscent of Louisiana and it works so well.

We finally get to meet the canon version of Quinlan Vos, who steals the episode, this introduction is so fun and his working with Obi-Wan feels almost second nature, you get the feeling they have worked together before. Unfortunately this was his only appearance in the series but was due to return in the sixth and seventh seasons had the series not been cancelled, but those stories were published in ‘Dark Disciple’ by Christie Golden and it’s well worth a read.

The chase between Obi-Wan, Vos and Cad Bane is probably one of the most dynamic action sequences in the series up to this point and you can’t look away. The way Cad. And manages to keep two Jedi at bay is brilliant and the use of the environment which is mountainous and the combatants need to leap from ledge to ledge to keep up with the Bounty Hunter until he escape, its amazing.

Definitely a high point of Season 3 up to this point, but like I said, it’s a shame we do t get any more Quinlan Vos on screen.

Heroes on Both Sides

This is one of those Political episodes that ends up being really enthralling.

The Senate is proposing a bill to deregulate the Banks and free up credit to continue the production of Clone Troopers but some members of the Senate are opposed tho this and want to reach out to the Separatist Council to try to come to a peaceful solution to the war.

Padmé takes Ahsoka after Anakin says that she should yeah his apprentice about politics and they go on a secret trip to Raxus to meet with her old friend Mina Bonteri where the two discuss Mina putting a motion forward to the Separatist Council to extend an invitation to the Republic to begin peace talks.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka meets Lux Bonteri, Mina’s son, and the two start to develop a friendship.

The Separatist Council votes for peace talks, however, as this would go against the master plan of Darth Sidious, Dooku has Grievous stage an attack on Coruscant.

Whilst the Republic are about to vote to engage in the peace talks, a handful of Bomb-Droids Attack a generator station on Coruscant that plunged the Senate into darkness. As it is confirmed that it was a Separatist attack, the Senate votes instead to deregulate the Banks and create more Clones.

After the vote, Anakin reveals that he knew about Ahsoka and Padmé’s visit to Raxus and whilst displeased with their actions, understands that Ahsoka has learned some important lessons.

This episode is fantastic. It’s a real turning point for the Galaxy in terms of the story and having more Ahsoka and Padmé Episodes is always fun. We really get to see Ahsoka mature in this episode in terms of her political views, coming to understand that not all Separatists are out for war but instead are just political opponents with a different point of view.

We also get to see Palpatine playing both sides, with Padmé he comes across as wanting the war to end as much as her but really he’s pushing for the war to continue behind the scenes and we see his opinion turn very quickly once the attack happens and we know that he has plans for Mina Bonteri after hearing her name from Padmé.

It’s also refreshing to get a look at the Confederacy of Independent Systems in a new light, rather than just their military with Dooku, Grievous and Sidious.

Pursuit of Peace

This two part arc concludes, with the Republic wanting revenge for the attack on Coruscant but needing more funds to create more Clones the Senate is in turmoil. A hologram from Count Dooku silences the, where he tells them that their peace offer is revoked after Republic troops killed Mina Bonteri.

Knowing it’s a lie, Padmé, Bail Organa and Onaconda Farr try to generate enough votes to oppose the creation of five million Clones.

As they speak with senators they find that they are being targeted by Dooku’s thugs. First Senator Farr is injured then Padmé is attacked and barely escapes after a chase through Coruscant and finally Bail Organa who has written a speech to be delivered to the Senate, who is injured and unable to give the speech.

Senator Farr encourages Padmé who speaks before the Senate and rallies enough of the Senators to her cause and they win the vote.

Palpatine is displeased and voices this with Mas Amedda is a meeting later on.

From what little I have seen of the Netflix series ‘House of Cards’ I feel that this episode is the Star Wars version of that series just made a few years earlier. It’s full of political intrigue and enough action to keep even the shorter attention spans interested.

We really get to see Padmé in her element and her political talents are fully on display which really builds her character and gives us a better insight into her motivations.

Palpatine is walking on a very thin tightrope in this episode and we learn that Mas Amedda is quite aware of Palpatine’s position of playing both sides of the war.

This two-parter has been a stand out of the whole series for me on this re-watch, knowing what episodes came before and are coming next are well placed to give the audience a rest before we get into some really heavy content starting with the next story-arc which will be featured in the next Clone Wars Post.

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