Poe Dameron Vol. 3 – Legend Lost

Writer – Charles Soule

Artists – Frank D’Armata (7) and Arif Prianto (14 – 19)

Charles Soule continues Poe’s adventures, this volume jumping back to Issue 7 where Poe takes an unprecedented day off and goes to visit an old friend, a former New Republic Navy pilot turned Investigative Journalist called Suralinda who claims to have info on the First Order.

They are soon being chased around a complex and stealing a racing yacht to avoid their attackers and are soon captured by a First Order Security Bureau Agent who recognises Poe’s name.

They manage to escape and the two of them escape and Poe takes Suralinda to D’Qar to meet Leia. It turns out she is in fact hunting for a story but has a change of heart and confesses to Leia, offering to join the Resistance instead of stealing their secrets.

Episodes 14 – 19 deal with the aftermath of the previous book. Issue 14 deals with the death of L’ulo. Issue 14 is the funeral wher Poe gives his old friend a beautiful eulogy before being grounded by General Organa until he learns a few home truths about his role in the Resistance.

If I’m not mistaken, Issue 14 was written not long after the passing of Carrie Fisher and was written in tribute to her. Leia spends some time talking about her eventual passing, something she wants Poe to realise and that when it does she is looking at him to one day take over the leadership of the Resistance. It is a bittersweet issue that ends with Black Squadron going off on a mission to procure some fuel.

The fuel shipment has been intercepted by First Order Agents, the fuel transferred to their own transport ship and a bomb rigged to explode if the ship slows down. So essentially it’s ‘Speed’ in space. And it’s every bit as enjoyable (and that’s not a joke).

Agent Terex returns, now with added cybernetics that make him a sort of semi-zombie that obeys every order given. Although this may soon change as his cybernetic is damaged after he is smacked around by his superior officer.

The second story has Black Squadron split up. Poe and Snap head off to follow a lead on the location of Oddy Muva. They first visit his wife who tells them to go find a freighter. This turns out to be a trap to catch Black Squadron which results in Poe and Snap getting captured.

Meanwhile Karé and Jess are tasked with taking Suralinda on a mission to get footage of First Order troopers terrorising people in order to help get funds for the Resistance. They get footage but are captured by the First Order. Suralinda rescues the team by having a number of her Droid-Cams Attack the First Order.

Poe and Snap manage to escape thanks to Oddy Muva and after the two pilots escape a whole legion of TIE Fighters come after them. Believing they are done for, Poe and Snap prepare for one last run when one of the TIE’s turns on the rest. It’s Oddy and he leads the TIE swarm on a merry chase before flying straight into the hanger bay of the First Order Cruiser allowing Poe and Snap to escape.

Suralinda loses the footage but decides to use the story of Oddy Muva to generate sympathy and funds for the Resistance.

The two shorter stories work much better than the two we had in Volume 1. I don’t know if it’s because Soule has had more time to get used to writing these characters or the stories themselves are just better but I read this volume so much quicker than the previous two because I was so much more in to to story and the characters.

The slower pace of the first arc really lets us mourn with Black Squadron over the loss of L’ulo and we really get to feel Poe’s pain at the loss. We also get so see some development in his character that starts to lay the groundwork for where his character ends up in ‘The Last Jedi’.

The continued expansion of Poe Dameron is just so much fun especially in this volume where we see him going through so much it really helps the character grow and as much as I loved the character just from watching the Sequel Trilogy films, this series is making me love him even more. And the more BB-8 the better.

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