#Collection Corner – Duel on Starkiller Base Lego

Those bricks just keep on coming, and this week I dive into a small but rather great set that many moons ago I wrote a blog post about a leaked image, and now, thanks to my Wife and Daughter for Fathers Day I have the Duel on Starkiller Base set, based on the climactic duel between Rey and Kylo in ‘The Force Awakens’.

I was so pleased to get this set, I have been after it since I first heard the rumours about it in February. Whilst small it really come with some great design and building work as well as some fun play features.

In the box are two numbered bags that contain the 191 pieces and the instruction book.

Bag 1 makes up the base that opens up to replicate the devastating earthquakes that split the weapon-planet apart.

Despite its simple appearance its an interesting build, especially the crack in the middle, the design of the lava and fire is amazing. The use of transparent red and orange pieces is fantastic.

Bag 1 also gives us the new Rey mini-fig, the faces are new designs for this set. She also comes with her lightsaber.

Bag 2 adds the details to the set, including rocks, trees and a pair of spinning plates for the mini-figs to duel on. Despite being built of of Lego it looks very screen-accurate, for a Lego built forest.

The two falling trees are fun play features and one hides a stud-blaster. The duelling plates are great fun and to top it all off it looks great on display.

In Bag 2 we get the new Kylo Ren mini-fig, who comes with his lightsaber and two new face prints. One is an angry fighting face, the other, which is by far my favourite, is his cut open and shocked face which is pictured above.

The set is really great. You can have a lot of fun with it and looks great on display, I’ve had particular fun setting it up to depict the end of Rey and Kylo’s battle as the ground splits between them.

At £17.99 for 191 pieces you cannot go wrong and once built it’s certainly worth the price. It’s great for kids and adults, a must have for Rey and Kylo fans and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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