Speculation – The Sith Fleet (Part 2)


Following on from Tuesday’s post where I talked about the rumour about The Sith Fleet, this post is about my speculation on how the Sith Fleet will play into the film.

Rumours have stated that at some point early in the film of just before, the Knights of Ren return from a mission in the Unknown Regions. Originally I speculated that they either found Palpatine (in whatever form) and come to tell Kylo Ren. I still think this may be the case, but instead of Palpatine himself (in whatever form) they find the whole Fleet and come back to tell Kylo who would want the two Forces to join together.

The Sith Fleet probably originated before the events of ‘Return of the Jedi’ as one of Palpatine’s many contingency plans and has grown and grown in the Unknown Regions, whilst the Imperial Remnants went there as well after the Battle of Jakku, the plan could have been for the Remnant to find the Fleet and work as a whole but they couldn’t find them or chose not to and so we got two different factions.

I do wonder if the Sith Fleet is more destructive and vicious as a whole over the First Order and the former attempts to wipe out the latter, leaving Kylo with a decimated army and that leads them to joining with The Resistance to wipe out Palpatine’s fleet.

Is it possible that Allegiant General Pryde is a high ranking member of the Sith Fleet? His uniform looks vastly different from anything we have seen in the First Order. Perhaps we get him and Hux squaring off at some point from the bridges of their respective Star Destroyers.

Speaking of which, will the Sith Fleet being ultimate destruction using the weapons on their Star Destroyers? Maybe the Sith Fleet destroys the planets that are loyal to the First Order, thus wiping out their forces.

Well, whatever happens, I’m going to keep an open mind, as I have said before, speculation is fun but I’m not beholden to any of these ideas and we all just remember to #speculateresponsibly.

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