Speculation – The Sith Fleet (Part 1)


Thanks to Jason Ward over at Making Star Wars some new information has come to light about the Sith Troopers and the Sith Fleet, yes, I said Fleet.

According to Jason’s sources, the Sith Troopers are a part of a fleet, separate to the First Order, that have been navigating the Unknown Regions.

They have their own new Star Destroyers that reportedly have Death Star type weapons on them and it is this fleet that Kylo Ren is looking for.

Kylo will visit an Oracle who will give him some ‘way finder’ device which will allow him to traverse the Unknown Regions to locate this Sith Fleet.

The Oracle has been described as an arachnid sat on a baby’s head and Reddit User Jedi Praxus has some details on it HERE, and according to Jason they are usually spot on.

The rest of Jason’s article is purely speculative, but does bring up some good points. Why is the Sith Trooper armour similar to the First Order Stormtrooper armour? How much has this Sith Fleet evolved in terms of design. How much did Snoke know about this?

My big question is what happened for there to be both a Sith Fleet and a First Order? Could that have been a plot, orchestrate the First Order taking over only for the Sith Fleet to swoop in and decimate them in order to look like the heroes?

Was this Sith Fleet already hiding away in the Unknown Regions before the Battle of Endor? Was Palpatine already prepared for his demise and all of his contingency plans were leading to the Galaxy being unprepared for another onslaught?

Why hasn’t this Fleet already attempted to conquer the Galaxy? Are they waiting for Palpatine to return?

All of these questions and more are bouncing around my head right now and I’m sure I can feel a proper speculation post to come out in the future once I have thought through these new tidbits of information and can put some thoughts together.

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