Balancing the Force 4 -The World Between Words

‘Star Wars: Rebels’ introduced us to some interesting concepts about the Force, but the most intriguing by far was the ‘World Between Worlds’, a mystical plane of existence that could connect Force Users across space and, as we eventually learned, time.

Ezra first gains access to this place in the Season One Episode ‘Path of the Jedi’ where he and Kanan find a Jedi Temple on Lothal and gain access. Ezra has a vision of The Grand Inquisitor hunting him down after killing Kanan. Ezra bests the vision with the help and guidance of Master Yoda’s disembodied voice and receives a Kyber Crystal.

Ezra returns to the World Between Worlds in Season 2, ‘Shroud of Darkness’ when Kanan, Ahsoka and Ezra visit the Lothal Temple looking for clues on how to defeat Vader’s Inquisitors. They each follow a vision, Kanan duels with a Jedi Temple Guard who is revealed to be The Grand Inquisitor before he fell to the Dark Side, Ahsoka sees a vision of Anakin, leading her to further believe her former Master became Darth Vader and Ezra sees Master Yoda and the two converse on the best way of defeating the Sith before Yoda tells Ezra that they should go to the planet Malachor.

The World Between Worlds returns in Season Four, firstly in the episode ‘Kindred’ when the Loth Wolves take the Rebels from one location to another on the other side of the planet and again in the episode ‘The World Between Worlds’ when Ezra enters the plane for the last time. This time the true nature of the location is revealed, it’s a giant hallway full of portals to different times and places. He is led to one portal where he witnesses Vader and Ahsoka duelling on Malachor and Ezra saves her from being killed. Together they explore and Ezra believes he can save Kanan but realised that there would be consequences. However, Palpatine tries to take Ezra and Ahsoka using Dark Side alchemy, knowing that Ezra was able to access that plane of existence, to grant him the power to enter take the power for himself.

In the end, the doorway was destroyed and the one method of accessing that ultimate power gone…

But is it? Why would the Lothal Temple be the only means of access. Surely there must be more, perhaps not physical doors but other portals? Yoda has access which we have seen, how does he do it on Dagobah? The Loth Wolves use it to travel great distances.

Is it possible that this is the means of cheating death that Palpatine spoke about to Anakin, being able to travel to different times, we see it with Ahsoka.

Whilst it’s not something I want to see happen frequently in the Star Wars franchise, it has opened up some amazing mystical possibilities that have unlimited potential, but rules need to be established. Ahsoka was destined to survive her battle with Vader, we see that at the end of ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’ as she walks into the Sith Temple doorway but Kanan was destined to die protecting Ezra and Hera from the explosion in ‘Jedi Night’ and so Ezra couldn’t save him.

Obviously, the potential to abuse the power is high, very high, and so it was crucial that Palpatine not gain access. Imagine what horrors could have occurred had he gone through the portal? Maybe he did?

When Vader threw Palpatine down the shaft in ‘ Return of the Jedi’ a strange, blue flame ringed his descent. What if he managed to save himself by opening a portal, perhaps in the years between the Battle of Lothal and the Battle of Endor, Palpatine had managed to find a way of opening his own doorway but only dared do it when absolutely necessary.

The concept is incredibly broad, but one that I feel needs revisiting and I think that ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is the perfect place to do so. According to rumours, then Rey and Kylo fight as some point in the film they have what is being referred to as a ‘flash fight’ where, as they duel, the location around them changes. I wonder if, due to their Force connection and both of their increasing powers in the Force that their fight causes the World Between Worlds to open. Honestly, I think that would be pretty cool.

Either way, I’m sure at some point we will learn more about this mystical location, be it on film, TV, comics or books but there is too much potential for it to be forgotten.

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