#Collection Corner – 20th Anniversary Imperial Dropship

Only two sets to go before the 20th Anniversary Wave is complete. Well, make it one after this.

After my disappointment with the Clone Scout Walker I was hesitant to crack on with this one, but gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised.

I tend to only buy sets that have been featured in the franchise unless it’s a Battle Pack with some interesting Mini-Figs. But the completist in me made me get this one.

The box comes with two unnumbered bags which contain 125 pieces, a small set of stickers and a small instruction booklet with some notes on this and the previous version from 2008.

Firstly, the four Mini-Figs. We get three Stormtroopers and a Shadowtrooper (in black armour). They each come with a stud-launcher.

The set is an interesting build, the cockpit, the roof and the back section are all made separately and put together. The back section slots on to a beam piece and held on by a brick built clamp which is a pretty innovative building technique.

The rear section has room to seat three mini-figs with additional room in the cockpit for the pilot.

The front section also has room for the stud-launcher blasters to be stored and gives the vehicle some imposing looking weaponry.

The set has some great playability, being able to separate and ‘deploy’ soldiers on a Lego battlefield.

As far as price, it’s £19.99 for 125 pieces which is quite steep, for what is essentially a glorified Battle Pack but because of its inclusion in the 20th Anniversary Wave and the added mini-fig (see below) I can somewhat understand the price increase.

The 20th Anniversary replica mini-fig is Han Solo. His outfit is from A New Hope and is based on the version that was released in 2000. I love the cocky grin and like the Leia mini-fig he’s got the backwards mega-phone Blaster.

It’s a really fun little set, great for Imperial Army builders, great for kids and quite an interesting build as well. Is it worth the price? I’d say no, but if you can get it cheaper then snatch it up.

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