#Collection Corner – 20th Anniversary Anakin’s Podracer

I managed to complete the 20th Anniversary Star Wars Lego wave thanks to family and friends monetary contributions of Birthday cash, which was great, and after finishing ‘Slave 1’ I turned to the pile of unbuilt sets and picked up the first in the pile.

Ironically, as I am currently re-reading the novelisation of ‘The Phantom Menace’ I had just read the Podrace sequence. The box maintains the design of the wave, reminiscent is the old Kenner action figures of the 70’s and 80’s.

The box contains three numbered bags, instruction booklet which includes details of the original version of this set from 1999 and a sticker sheet.

Bag 1 builds the ‘Pod’ where the pilot sits and the stand/handle which keeps the build together and allows for playability.

The Pod is an easy build but it’s design is incredibly effective and detailed. The screen accuracy is boosted by five stickers, one on the front and two on each side. The flashlight pieces look great as the controls of the vehicle.

It’s not a big part of the build but it looks amazing.

The handle is made up of a number of transparent Technic beams to add the illusion of flight and its effective. Much more effective than the 1999 version where the tan bricks and plates held it together. At this point in the build the set is unbalanced but once the engines are in place it should stand up on the handle.

Bag 2 builds the first of the two engines. The engines are built around two rod pieces and the detailing is amazing, much more effective than the 1999 version that was made up of an X-Wing engine and a few bits stuck on. I really enjoy sets that make up a lot of detail but use smaller pieces like this, not only does the build feel satisfying but the details are much better than using larger pieces and some greebling (not saying that always looks bad but in cases like this I think the results are better).

Bag 3 completes the build with the second engine and the tow cables connecting the engines to the Pod. It’s 99% the same as the previous engine but the opposite way around and one different brick, but it doesn’t feel repetitive, I think because it’s such an interesting build that I just enjoyed it.

Bag 3 also comes with the two mini-figs, Anakin Skywalker and Padmé, who for some reason comes with a Blaster which she doesn’t use at this point of the film. The details on the two figures are great and the use of different sized legs for the two of them is well thought out, Anakin having the regular, unmoving ‘child’ legs and Padmé having slightly taller and posable legs that give her a more ‘teenage’ height.

This set a so well put together and brilliantly designed it makes me genuinely happy to have built it. The stickers add much needed detail but there is t so many that it gets frustrating (First Order Star Destroyer anyone?) and the new design for the energy binders is a great bit of screen accuracy (in 1999 we got four transparent pink X-Wing blaster cannons).

I do wish we got a buildable Pit Droid though.

As a part of the 20th Anniversary Wave, this set, of course comes with a replica mini-fig of a legacy character, this set comes with Luke Skywalker as he came in the first X-Wing and Snowspeeder sets in 1999. I need to dig out one of those from my big Lego box but I’m sure that the orange in the replica’s jumpsuit is brighter. It’s not an issue, just an observation.

It’s a really cool set and a great build and at £24.99 for 279 pieces it’s a good price.

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