My Top Star Wars Moments – 3

“No, I am your Father.”

As far as top moments go in Star Wars, this is always on the list.

I still remember, to this day, my reaction to this moment the first time I saw it. Sat on the floor in the front room, enthralled by the Luke and Vader duel.

When Vader cut off Luke’s hand and he’s cornered I was glued to the screen. What was going to happen? Then Vader started his speech.

I was vaguely aware of my Mum walking into the room and sitting down somewhere behind me.

When he said that immortal line I was in shock, and I spun around and faces my Mum and asked, “Is he?” And my Mum just shrugged and said “I’d have to wait to find out.”

It’s still one of those moments that gets me, if I have ‘Empire’ on in the background whilst I’m doing housework I always stop to watch it.

I can safely says it’s probably my favourite moment in the whole saga.

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