My Top Star Wars Moments – 2

This moment has been burned into my brain since the moment I first saw it in the November of 1998, seeing ‘The Mask of Zorro’ with my Dad.

We watched the trailers patiently, but it was nothing memorable. Then, expecting the film to start, we got the Lucasfilm logo. Those few minutes went by in a blur of awe, but that moment when the red and black guy with horns ignited a Double Bladed Lightsaber… WOW!!!

Needless to say, I kept thinking about that moment for the duration of Zorro. I wondered if it was Exar Kun… well I was wrong, I realised that after re-reading his entry in ‘The Essential Guide to the Characters’.

And whilst he may not have lasted long in the prequels (until Clone Wars Season 4) he would remain my favourite non-Vader villain in the prequel era, because he inspired so much wonder and curiosity and did not disappoint a 13 year old boy.

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