A year ago ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ was released to good reviews, excellent fan reactions but not much more.

Despite breaking even at the box office, it really didn’t live up to its franchise standards, and unfortunately it changed the direction Lucasfilm was taking with their future films.

The reasons for its low box office have been discussed to death, poor marketing, released at the wrong time of year, a lot of negative press around the production and others.

When it was released on home-media the amount of people, including Star Wars fans who exclaimed how much they loved it after finally seeing it was insane, where were they in May? But never mind, as long as people are buying it and watching it and enjoying it, it’s a good thing.

What isn’t good, however is that the poor performance led to any plans for sequels to be shelved indefinitely. Now we all know what eventually happens to Han Solo and Chewbacca, they work for Jabba and a job goes wrong and end up owing him a lot of money, but what about Qi’Ra and Maul? Can’t we get some more about Lando? There was so much potential for another film, or even a couple more that would lead up to ‘A New Hope’. And what hurts even more is that the fandom wants it.

Nowadays, Disney are looking at new original content for the upcoming Disney+ Streaming Service, we are already getting ‘The Mandalorian’ and the ‘Untitled Cassian Andor Show’ and an unnamed third Live Action series, but why not make a ‘Solo 2’?

As I said, there are plenty of stories they could tell with now established characters and a guaranteed fan base who are all clamouring for more content.

And so, the point of this post, a Star Wars Podcast called ‘The Resistance Broadcast’ has called all fans to unite on their Social Media accounts and use the hash-tag #MakeSolo2Happen.

So go forth fellow fans and let the powers-that-be know that we want a ‘Solo 2’.

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