Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Project Resurrection

In the run-up to ‘The Last Jedi’, EA released the DLC for the Battlefront 2 storyline entitled ‘Project Resurrection’.

It starts almost immediately after the final mission which saw Del Meeko killed by former teammate and now First Order Officer, Gideon Hask with Iden and hers and Del’s daughter, Zey searching for Del.

They get a transmission from the Corvus and when they arrive they find everyone’s favourite Duros, Shriv who tells them of Del’s fate.

The Corvus then comes under attack from Protectorate Gleb’s Jinata Security Forces. Del and Zay fight them off in their X-Wing fighters before returning to Vardos as the First Order wipe out the Hosnian System.

Iden and Shriv go to the former Imperial base on Vardos where they encounter Hask who has his Star Destroyer blow up the Corvus before leaving with his forces.

A distraught Iden gets notified of the Corvus’ escape pods having been launched which takes her and Shriv on an adventure through the streets of Vardos amid a battle between the First Order and Jinata Security.

They finally locate Zey and the three of them steal a TIE Fighter and go to Hask’s Star Destroyer before it leaves the system.

Once on board the Destroyer, the three of them make their way through the ship and manage to steal blueprints to various First Order ships (including the Dreadnaught) to send to the Resistance.

Iden sends Shriv to find a ship to escape on whilst her and Zey gonthe the Hyperdrive chamber where they sabotage the hyperdrive, pulling it out of hyperspace near Starkiller Base.

Hask attacks the two of them and Iden finally vanquishes her former teammate but is critically injured in the process. Iden dies leaving Zey to continue their mission. She witnesses the destruction of Starkiller base before meeting Shriv and leaving the system.

They arrive at D’Qar in a stolen Special Forces TIE Fighter and once they announce its them and not a First Order attacker, they transmit the stolen data before General Leia sends them on a mission to round up Resistance supporters.

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