Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space – The Escape by Cavan Scott

In 2016 a series of children’s books was released called Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space which follows the adventures of Lina and Milo Graf, the children of Wild Space explorers Auric and Rhyssa who are captured by Imperial Captain Korda.

This is technically Book 0, which was released in the U.K on ‘World Book Day’ and it was made available for the price of £1 as an introduction to the series.

The book starts with Lina and the family Droid CR-8R (Crater) searching for the wayward Milo who has crashed a Speeder Bike whilst exploring.

When they find Milo and the family let, a Mowakian Monkey Lizard called Morq, they head back to camp and find it empty as Crater receives a Data File that is very large and encrypted.

Thy find a Holo-Projector and see their parents meeting with Captain Korda who imprisons them and orders his troops to destroy the ship and find the children.

The group make their way to the ship and only have 15 minutes to escape before the cave it was parked in caves in due to the explosives planted by Stormtroopers.

The are spotted as they are making their way to the ship and the Stormtroopers manage to seal the cave. The group get in the ship and manage to navigate the caverns and escape as the explosives cause massive cave-ins which seal the underground tunnels.

Before they can reach their parents on Korda’s shuttle the Imperial craft jumps to Hyperspace. The children decide to go to Thune where there are associates of their parents.

First and foremost this book is intended for children. It’s a short book but acts as a great introduction to the series. The story is well paced and whilst written for younger readers, quite engaging and it’s fun.

It’s definitely a book I would enjoy reading to my daughter or let her read herself when she is a bit older (she’s just turned 2, give it a couple of years).

As far as the timeline, it’s set not long after the rise of the Empire, as they try to expand into the outer reaches of the Galaxy, but according to the illustrations, the Stormtrooper armour has evolved into the armour we see in the Original Trilogy.

Definitely worth buying for children aged five or six plus and enjoyable enough to be read by adults looking for a quick Star Wars fix.

Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space is published by Edgmont UK.

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