Balancing the Force 2: The Chosen One

“You refer to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force? You believe it’s this boy?” Mace Windu – The Phantom Menace

Anakin Skywalker’s storyline in The Phantom Menace built to this moment. His piloting abilities, his intuition and his extraordinarily high Midichlorian count all pointed Qui-Gon Jinn to take the boy from his Mother and being him before the Jedi Council. The Council don’t want the boy to be trained but relent after Qui-Gon is killed and then allow the recently promoted Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi to train the potential Chosen One.

The prophecy was originated thousands of years prior to the events of the ‘Skywalker Saga’ and was believed by the Jedi to bring ‘Balance’ to the Force, wether or not this is exactly true is unknown, other sources (Lucas) say that the prophecy was about the one who would destroy the Sith. Out of those two options, the most plausible is the destruction of the Sith and in that Anakin is successful after turning from the Dark Side and killing Sidious on the Second Death Star. However this does not bring the Force into balance, unless you look at it from the dogmatic view of the Jedi, the Sith are gone and so they are the leading Force users, could this mean balance in their hubris?

Then we got a spanner in the works when the Mortis Arc was released in the third season of ‘The Clone Wars’ where we are introduced to three very powerful Force users, The Father, The Daughter and The Son. The Daughter and Son represent the Light and Dark sides respectively and The Father represented the middle and it was his job to maintain the balance between his children and he believes that Anakin was to replace him to keep his children in check. Through the arc we actually see Anakin subdue the Son and Daughter together which is a great testament of his powers but he rejects The Father’s request that Anakin takes his place on Mortis, as a result The Son murders The Daughter, The Father ends his own life which allows Anakin to kill The Son.

Do these actions have any impact on the Galaxy? Does it throw the Force into a state of disarray? Was this a part of the Will of the Force that these ancient Force Users must be sacrificed to allow for a new path in the Force?

But in doing this, did the Chosen One fulfil a prophecy? Maybe? He brings a balance between The Son and Daughter, albeit they are both now One With The Force.

With two very different interpretations of ‘The Chosen One’ out there and both being made by George Lucas it’s hard to decide which is the true prophecy. The original one as told by the Jedi feels very much like a self-serving prophecy that makes out that the Jedi Order will continue for eternity and wipe out their main enemy, the Sith. Now when I wrote part 1 of the ‘Balancing The Force’ series I theorised that the Jedi and Sith were actually one group (the Original Jedi Order) and maintained a Balance by remaining neutral in the Force, then some left after realising the power of the Dark Side and to maintain the Balance the remaining Jedi turned to the Light Side, and maybe in that period one Jedi may have prophesied the end of the Sith.

It’s has been canonised that there was a Jedi/Sith war and that Darth Bane implemented the ‘Rule of Two’ but could the prophecy refer to the near extinction of the Sith in the ‘Old Republic’ era? The Jedi believed them wiped from the Galaxy and it took Qui-Gon’s death at the hands of Darth Maul to convince the Jedi Council of the reemergence of the Sith.

Either way, I have no answers and in writing this post I am only creating more questions for myself. We may learn more about the Jedi/Sith in either or both of the upcoming film trilogies from Rian Johnson and Benioff and Weiss so hopefully we will have some sort of answer to one or all of these questions.

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