Star Wars Celebration – Sunday, The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars Lead the Way

What a day.

We got our first… well, legitimate update on behind the scenes of ‘The Mandalorian’.

Unfortunately we (live streamers) didn’t get to see much of the footage from the series except the building of the model of the Mandalorian’s ship, The Razorcrest.

I understand the want for secrecy but is it too much to ask for a little bit of actual footage?

But getting the little info that we did get, like how the series features things from all aspects of the franchise, that Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau have an amazing working relationship and getting some info on the lead characters at last.

But I wanted a trailer dammit. Although they did give out a nice poster to everyone watching the panel.

Dave Filoni returned to the stage with Dee Bradley Baker, Ashley Eckstein and Sam Witwer to discuss the upcoming sixth season of The Clone Wars and wow.

We got clips. We got news. We know what the story arcs will be and we got a beautifully put together trailer.

We learned that the first arc, that will ease us into the series, will be ‘The Bad Batch’ arc which has previously been released as animatics and I wasn’t sure I’d be excited to see that arc again but based on the clip I can’t wait.

The second arc will focus on Ahsoka and her life after leaving the Jedi Temple and living in the Coruscant underworld.

And finally, yes we are getting ‘The Siege of Mandalore’ and OH MY GOD! We got to see an animatic of the scene where Anakin shows Ahsoka the 501st who have altered their helmet artwork to feature Ahsoka’s markings, and once again brought Ashley Eckstein to tears.

Oh and Filoni told us that Ray Park did motion capture for the upcoming Maul/Ahsoka duel.

I cannot wait for either of these two series, and today has just made me want to see them even more.

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