Star Wars Celebration – Saturday, Jedi: Fallen Order, Rebels Revisited, Galaxy’s Edge and More…

Saturday kicked off with the Galaxy’s Edge panel which gave us a few more updates for the upcoming Disney Parks Star Wars themed addition, which will include very special Star Wars designed bottles of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Water. Whilst I applaud their attempts to keep the immersion of the park, but this obvious product placement bugs me a bit.

Galaxy’s Edge is also bringing back some familiar… voices and music, yes we already know that John Williams has composed an original score but the hit band ‘Figran D’an and the Modal Nodes’ have a new song which will be played in the park. The returning voices, Paul Reubens as R-3X, the former Star Tours pilot turned Batuu DJ and Frank Oz is reprising his role as Yoda but how, why and where I couldn’t say.

The ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ Panel not only gave us that amazing trailer, it also dropped some information about the game. First and foremost it is a completely single player experience, the kind of experience that fans have been clamouring for since EA took on the license. For a year before any movement was made on the game itself, Respawn and Lucasfilm spent a year hashing out the story, characters, locations and premise to make sure the game fit within the canon and the Star Wars Galaxy as a whole.

The combat will be visceral and well balanced, gone is the button mashing of previous Lightsaber combat games, but I have heard this statement before in the promotion of other games in the past so I will reserve my judgement until I play the game on 15th November.

No news came from the Rebels: Revisited panel other than the reveal of an ‘Art of Rebels’ book, but some fun stories, especially about Tiya Sicar being the only cast member who knew about the Sabine Voice Over epilogue but even she didn’t know what was going to happen on screen.

And finally the Marvel Comics panel gave us some big news, starting with Issue 68, Writer Greg Pak and Artist Phil Noto will be starting their run on the flagship Star Wars line which from the sounds of it seems to be closing in on the events of ‘Empire Strikes Back’. Some details on the upcoming ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ tie-in mini-series were revealed, where a criminal gang are planning on stealing an artefact from a ship we will be able to visit at the park.

We will also be getting a new, six-part mini-series called ‘Target Vader’ where a Bounty Hunter called Valance is tracking down Vader.

A great bunch of panels for the second day of the convention and I’m looking forward to what we will be getting today.

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