Star Wars Celebration 2019 – The Beginning

Today’s the day, fans across the world have been waiting… not quite patiently… for this weekend, which is honestly the biggest weekend of the year for Star Wars news.

For those in attendance, today is a nice ease into the weekend. No panels, just cruising the Con Floor looking at stalls, getting tattoos, picking up Merch and getting in there early with Photo Ops and Autographs.

For all us who can’t be there (we are jealous) we can keep up with all the goings on through social media, the live stream (starting Friday) and through our friends who are there sending pictures of how much fun they are having and of course the Podcasters.

As I’m not in attendance I will be living vicariously through those who are (Pete, I’m looking at you) and listening to as much content I can (Steele Wars) and of course the live stream.

But here’s the thing guys and gals, I’m still going to do as much coverage of Celebration as I possibly can. I may be late to the party on some stuff but I fully intend to post Blogs about panels, Podcasts about trailers/footage/reactions and keep as up to date as possible (except for the Episode IX panel as I’m starting my new Part Time job when it’s on, but I’ll sort all that when I get home and stink of kitchen).

But for now, and until the pre-show opens up later today, I will leave you with this image of the Celebration mural thanks to Jack Krycek of ‘The Alliance Of Star Wars Fanatics’ Facebook Group.

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One thought on “Star Wars Celebration 2019 – The Beginning

  1. I gotcha, buddy! I’ll be looking forward to seeing you at one in the future! Til then, I know my friends (you, Josh, Anthony, and everyone else) are here with me through the Force. Can’t wait to chat with you about everything we learn this week! MTFBWY

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