Dave Filoni: Animator. Director. Saviour.

‘The Clone Wars’ film was released in cinemas and a name appeared on screen, that when I first saw the film I shrugged it off, Dave Filoni? Who is Dave Filoni?

Now, almost eleven years later, that name is almost as synonymous with Star Wars as George Lucas.

Dave Filoni is the man behind some of the most amazing, crazy, unbelievable and at times downright confusing ideas that Star Wars has brought to its fans and I love him for it. From Mortis to the World Between Worlds, Filoni has given us three series that have continued to build and expand the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Working closely with George Lucas on ‘The Clone Wars’ he has been able to gain incredible insight into the story that Lucas was telling, and has since continued to channel George into the Disney Era animated series. ‘Rebels’ has a very Lucas feel to it at times and Filoni has used his position to pass that knowledge down to other creators, including Justin Ridge who is the Supervising Director on ‘Resistance’, the position Filoni held on ‘The Clone Wars’ and ‘Rebels’.

And now, Filoni’s influence continues to grow, as an Executive Producer and Director on ‘The Mandalorian’, where, no doubt, he has used the Lucas knowledge, as well as his own to help Jon Favreau understand the Mandalorian culture that we will see in the show when it airs on Disney+ later this year.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for his influence on the franchise. Thanks to him we got a better look and understanding of Anakin Skywalker through ‘The Clone Wars’, we learned about the mysterious Mandalorian culture and we got the character of Ahsoka who, despite the initial backlash, is as well known as Luke and Leia now. In ‘Rebels’ we learned more about the Force and how the Rebel Alliance was formed prior to the Galactic Civil War and all through the eyes of a crazy little family on a freighter. And he gave us Thrawn onscreen.

And finally, whilst he may not be working on ‘Resistance’ day-to-day, he came up with the concept and still oversees the show which has been a phenomenal ride over the last few months.

And who can forget his amazing panels with Pablo Hidalgo at ‘Star Wars: Celebration’? Not only did he bring Ashley Eckstein to tears on stage he moved the whole audience at ‘ Celebration Europe’ on 2016, you can watch the whole thing HERE.

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