My Star Wars KOTOR Dilemma

When KOTOR was released to wide acclaim in 2003 I didn’t have the means to play it, I wasn’t much of a PC Gamer at that point, instead I had moved on to the Game Cube and was an avid player of the two ‘Rogue Squadron’ games for that console.

Again the same in 2005 when KOTOR 2 arrived, I was still rocking the Game Cube, I had attempted to play the original ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ but was just unable to get into it.

When I finally upgraded and got myself an XBox 360 I took advantage of the backwards compatibility and picked up loads of X Box games, including KOTOR. I tried it but just couldn’t get into it so I traded it in for some other short-lived gaming experience.

In those years I had moved away from the EU as I struggled to keep up with the goings on and so I never got on the ‘Old Republic’ novel bandwagon. Then the comics arrived and I gave them a go, but again I struggled to get invested and so I wrote that time period off.

Then Disney happened. Then the EU became Legends.

Since then, my only knowledge of the KOTOR timeline is the characters that have been introduced in ‘Galaxy of Heroes’ and my brief attempt to give the game another go as a way to try to develop new content for the blog. Let’s just say that it didn’t go well. Not a fan at all.

With the announcement of the ‘Stand Alone’ films the KOTOR fans called for a film set in that time period. Fan-Casting the main characters was rife on social media and people’s hopes were up.

I can count three things (that I know of) from that era that have been ‘canonised’ Darth Bane in the Yoda arc of ‘The Clone Wars’, Malachor from the ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’ episodes of ‘Rebels’ and again in ‘Rebels’ and also showing up to save the day in ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ the Hammerhead Corvettes.

When Benioff and Weiss were announced to be working on a series of films set in a specific time period the crowd went wild, could they be taking their Game of Thrones knowledge and throwing it into a Star Wars blender and basing it in the KOTOR time period? It’s possible.

But how do they make a series of films (or trilogy according to the head of HBO) based on that timeline without making the films inaccessible to audiences unfamiliar with the books/games/comics and also keep the die-hard fans happy? If anything that will be the hardest thing to do, the fanbase for that era is huge and all with ideas, theories and expectations that, in all honesty, will probably never be met.

Knowing that there will be inevitable backlash from the hardcore KOTOR fans, should Lucasfilm endeavour to bring this era to the big screen?

YES! Needless to say that the era (with the exceptions I noted earlier) was de-canonised when the ‘EU’ became ‘Legends’ and having a relatively fresh start will bring in more fans and expand the current fanbase. It also opens up so many more options of expanding the story in novels, games (if EA pull their finger out) and comics and expands the merchandising options.

The best way of pulling it off though is through a complete redesign. Don’t bring back any of the designs we got from the games, make it fresh and in no way reminiscent of anything we have seen in the franchise so far. Don’t give us the original KOTOR characters, new characters all the way. If you have to introduce any existing characters then bring in Darth Bane as he is already established.

But please, leave Revan at the door.

But does the trilogy have to be set during that period? We at getting so much Mandalorian content now that couldn’t Benioff and Weiss take on the ‘Mandalorian War’? Jedi vs. Mandalorian warriors. Take my money now! It could even have Tarre Vizsla, the first Jedi Mandalorian.

I doubt we will get any news on what this Trilogy will be next weekend at Celebration Chicago but it’s be cool if we did. Until we do though we’re stuck with our speculations and rumours.

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