#Collection Corner – Lego Death Star Escape

Sometimes a set gets announced and you feel the need to buy it and don’t know why? This was how I felt about this set for a while and finally got it.

I suppose it’s to placate my wanton desire to one day own the complete ‘Death Star’ set, just waiting for a slight drop in price from £410, whereas the ‘ Death Star Escape’ hardly breaks the bank with a RRP of £25.

The box art is the Lego Vader against white, like the ‘Vader’s Castle’ set. It’s a lovely design but feels like a placeholder for the year, seeing as the 20th Anniversary sets have their own style and come October the packaging design will be ‘Episode IX’ focused.

The box contains the Instruction booklet and three numbered bags. I was surprised, I fully expected this set to only use two bags, but I think the third bag will be mostly decorative.

Bag 1 contains the new Stormtrooper mini-fig, a MSE Droid and the first part of the set. This is a platform with a control panel at the top and a ladder on the back so that the Stormtrooper can keep an eye on any goings on down below.

The tower has some interesting detailing methods utilising a 3×4 structure design by mixing 3×2, 1×3 and 1×1 round pieces to show pipes running through the structure. There is also a tunnel made for the MSE Droid to sit in.

The base has room for the sliding bridge mechanism to slot in place and a removable block where the Stormtrooper can store the gear.

The tower also includes a mechanism by the computer console that allows you to knock the Stormtrooper from the tower, a fun little addition to make playing that more fun.

The second bag gives us the new Princess Leia mini-fig, which was one of the major selling points for me, and the expand half of the structure, including an extending bridge which Luke disables when he blasts the control panel in ‘A New Hope’.

This half has details on both sides, on the back it has a detailed doorway for our heroes to run through in their attempt to escape.

Again the detail is great, especially for a smaller set and the addition of the doorway detail really makes it shine.

The Princess Leia mini-fig looks great, with a two-sided head you can show her with her smirk or her angry ‘blasting the hell out of some Imperials’ face. The detailing on the torso looks spot on with the belt, my only issue is I would have liked some printed details on her legs as well.

The third and final bag adds details to the structure as well as the Luke Skywalker mini-fig.

One one side of the set we get the doorway detail which really stands out and the spires which Luke’s grappling hook attach to as well as the door which has a mechanism to hold the door open and slam it shut.

On the other side of the structure we get the door mechanism. The Technic plate holds the door in place and when the plate is raised it allows the door to drop. A simple design but effective.

The Luke mini-fig has him in his Tatooine outfit but comes with a white ‘Stormtrooper’ belt. This isn’t a new piece, I have previously got it with Lego Batman figures in yellow, but as far as I know this it the first time it’s been included in a Star Wars set (correct me if I’m wrong). He comes with his lightsaber and a clear ‘backpack’ piece which attaches to the cable/grappling hook and a second piece which Leia can hold on to.

All in all, this is a rather enjoyable set with some great mini-figs. The new double-moulded Stormtrooper helmet looks fantastic, a real step up from the already decent printed versions.

As far as screen accuracy it has a lot to desire, but for the size it’s fairly decent and will be entertaining for young fans to recreate scenes or make up new ones. At £25 for 329 pieces and three mini-figs I had no qualms getting this at full price. Whilst not an overly technical build it’s still good fun.

And it’s a step up from the last ‘Death Star Escape’ set I had as a kid.

Talk about hours of fun…

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