#Collection Corner – Funko Pop! The Finn Collection

When Funko got the license for Star Wars they landed on a goldmine. Like Hasbro (and Kenner back in the day) they could make figures of so many different characters in so many different costumes. Just look at Luke in ‘A New Hope’, he has the farmboy outfit, the poncho, the Stormtrooper armour, the farmboy with Stormtrooper belt, Rebel Pilot and the Celebration outfit and people would buy them all. And now Funko are doing the same, and Finn is one character that has had numerous Pop! Vinyl figures made in a short space of time, and here are the ones I have (it may be all of them minus the recent Cinema Scene with Phasma).

The original Finn Pop! figure has him in one of the traditional ‘hero’ poses, wielding the Blaster Rifle that Han gives him on Takodanna.

He is wearing Pope’s jacket that he saves from the TIE Fighter and the design on the jacket looks great.

I bought this in a bulk deal on Amazon where I got Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8, Chewbacca and Kylo Ren for almost half price which was a great find, although when they got delivered to work in a massive box it did raise some eyebrows.

The second Finn Pop! figure features him in another ‘hero’ pose, this time wielding the legacy lightsaber. This is essentially the same figure as before with a different arm.

I bought this, like I did with many of my Pop! Vinyl figures, online at Forbidden Planet, I hadn’t seen it anywhere else and at the time I was in the “I must have them all” mind frame of collecting. Luckily that has passed and I only go out and get the ones I want. My wallet thanks me for that.

The third Finn has him wearing his Stormtrooper armour without the helmet. This is essentially the First Order Stormtrooper Pop! with Finn’s head. This time holding the traditional Blast Rifle used by the First Order soldiers this is a nice addition to the Finn line-up as it gives us another look for the character.

This was an exclusive figure at Toys ‘R’ Us and I managed to pick it up when I just happened to pop in whilst shopping nearby.

Whilst not listed as a ‘Finn’ figure, this is FN-2187, aka Finn as a Stormtrooper before rescuing Poe from Kylo Ren.

Whilst nothing special, just a First Order Stormtrooper with a paint-job, this is actually an amazing figure. The weathering and detail from the planet Jakku covering the armour and the bloody hand print on the helmet look amazing.

This was a limited edition figure and I felt very lucky to get my hands on it. I had originally pre-ordered it online but was informed that they hadn’t received enough stock so my order got cancelled. I happened to check it out on Amazon and found it for the same price and managed to buy it, and all before starting work that day.

And finally the most recent Finn to join my collection, in his First Order Officer disguise from ‘The Last Jedi’.

It’s great to see him wearing something other than Poe’s jacket and as always the level of detail is great but I’m not much of a fan of the way the hat is made, the peak is a bit too flat for my liking but that’s just personal preference. It’s a Funko Pop! not a Hot Toys figure.

There we have them, the Finn collection, which will expand again later this year. At least he will have a whole new wardrobe this time around and from what I have heard a whole new hair-style so we’ll see what the Pop! figure looks like Come ‘Force Friday’.

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