#Collection Corner – Rebels Pop! Vinyl The Inquisitors

When ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ started were introduced to a group of Dark Side users who were led by Vader and helped him hunt down the remaining Jedi, in the series they were known as The Inquisitors.

Through Seasons One and Two we met four of them. Season One introduced us to The Grand Inquisitor who was the main villain for the season. In Season Two we met the Fifth and Eighth Brothers and The Seventh Sister.

So far we have had Pop! Vinyl figures of all but The Eighth Brother who was only in one episode and was killed off pretty spectacularly. If they were to make one I’d hope it would be of him using the helicopter-saber. I have had the good luck to get the Grand Inquisitor, Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister Pop! Vinyl figures and here they are for your pleasure.

First up is The Grand Inquisitor, the Pau’An former Jedi Temple Guard turned Dark Side user who spends Season One hunting the Ghost Crew, specifically Kanan.

The figure really depicts the character well, the tell-tale facial markings of the Pau’An species can be seen clearly as well as the yellow eyes. The costume is very screen accurate and the Inquisitor heli-saber looks brilliant.

I love the angry eyebrows which really give the figure a sinister vibe and up to that point wasn’t something I had seen before (in my collection at least).

The Fifth Brother is captured brilliantly here. Striking more of a regular ‘hero pose’ it really gives the sense of size that the character has in the series.

What I really love about the design of this character is that it stemmed from concept art for the ‘Jedi Killer’ character that became Kylo Ren in ‘The Force Awakens’.

Like the Grand Inquisitor, The Fifth Brother comes with his heli-saber which is well detailed also but I would assume is the same mould as the Grand Inquisitor’s weapon.

And finally, the Seventh Sister who is perfectly represented in Funko form. Her face markings, her outfit and her heli-saber all look great.

But I think Funko missed an opportunity with this figure. Through the series, the Seventh Sister has two mini-Probe droids that do recon for her and I think they could have been utilised with this figure and have her heli-saber on her belt, just for a bit of variety really.

As a big fan of ‘Rebels’ these three Pop! Vinyl figures were a must for me and they don’t disappoint and look great on the shelf with the Ghost Crew figures. Well worth picking up if you like the series but I do wonder why they didn’t release them as a three-pack.

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