#Collection Corner – Captain Phasma Pop! Vinyl Comparison

Whilst my last ‘comparison’ was a little one-sided, this time around its being done a lot fairer. These two figures came out months apart. The first as part of the first ‘Force Friday’ even in 2015 as part of the first merchandise push for ‘The Force Awakens’. The second was a Smuggler’s Bounty exclusive from December 2015 as part of the ‘The Force Awakens’ box.

Captain Phasma was a huge part of the marketing for ‘The Force Awakens’ but her limited screen-time left fans disappointed.

The first Pop! Vinyl of the chrome-plated Captain shows her in a silver armour which is made to represent the chrome. The figure itself looks great, using the regular ‘hero pose’ she looks imposing (for a Pop! Vinyl). What is disappointing is the lack of Blaster Rifle, but seeing as the regular First Order a Stormtrooper does come with one,I figure that Funko opted out of that to avoid confusion.

Then, as I said before, a few months later the chrome-plated Phasma arrived in the ‘The Force Awakens’ Smuggler’s Bounty box. It is exactly the same figure as the standard Phasma but the armour is chrome to make her more screen accurate. The chrome really highlights the detail in the figure, for example the texturing on the mouth grille is much more noticeable than in the flat grey version.

When put side-by-side there really is no comparison, the chrome version looks a million times better than the flat grey version and is well deserved to be a hard-to-find item.

There have been two more Phasma releases with ‘The Last Jedi’. The first was released on ‘Force Friday’ in 2017 and is just a repackaged ‘The Force Awakens’ Phasma, much like the First Order Stormtrooper, Snowtrooper and Flametrooper figures. I was disappointed with that seeing as we get Phasma wielding her staff which would have been cool to see as a standard Pop! Vinyl and then a Movie Moments featuring the Finn vs. Phasma scene where she is using her staff and also has the broken helmet showing her eye, which looks pretty cool, even though it is in grey.

If the chrome Phasma was a chase variant I would strongly advise holding out until finding one but due to its extremely rare nature I strongly advise buying the regular version, unless we get a wide release chrome version in the future.

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