#Collection Corner – Boba Fett Pop! Vinyl Comparison

As far as regular Boba Fett Funko Pop! Vinyl figures go I have managed to get hold of two out of three (I’m not counting the recent Smuggler’s Bounty Movie Moment from Bespin) and I’ve not been able to get the ‘Holiday Special’ White Armour Fett. But I have managed to get my hands on the original Boba Fett Pop! and the Smugglers Bounty Boba Fett with the Jet Pack flame base.

The first Boba Fett Pop! has the same ‘hero’ pose that the majority of the early Pop! Vinyls had. He is holding his Blaster Rifle and his armour is well detailed. The scope that is meant to be on his helmet is made of metal and plastic and can easily be removed, which is what happened to mine and after I stood in the part I mistook it for rubbish and threw it away, which when I realised my mistake made me very disappointed.

This was a Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive that I was able to buy through Forbidden Planet. It’s a great figure that highlights a lot of the design updates that Funko have done across their Pop! Vinyl range I’ve the years. Firstly and most obviously is the ‘base’, for this one they have gotten rid of the standard removable black base and integrated it into the figure as the flames coming from Fett’s jet pack, which allows them to utilise a different ‘in flight’ pose. Again he is carrying his usual Blaster Rifle.

The armour looks a lot more streamlined on this figure and the level of detail has increased exponentially. The helmet looks fantastic and the characteristic Debt is much more prominent in the newer version. This version also includes the half-cape and the Wookiee Hair braids that Fett wears, just another pair of little details that Funko has been able to incorporate as they have evolved their designs.

The scope is now made of the same material as the rest of the figure, and whilst it is slightly bendy, the fact that it is integrated with the helmet makes losing the part (near) impossible.

It’s difficult to do a real comparison between the two figures, obviously the newer version is the ‘better’ one if you look at the design but that’s like comparing the graphics on an X-Box game to those on an X-Box One game, of course, after years of evolution the newer game will look better. What these two figures do when put together is show how much detail and care the designers at Funko are able to put into the newer figures after their years of evolution and it’s great. I will always love that original Boba Fett Pop! Vinyl as it was one of my first ones (along with Yoda) and they really kick-started my love for the figures and the ever-growing collection.

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