A year ago today I woke up an hour earlier than normal.

I got myself settled and I found the final three episodes of Star Wars: Rebels and started watching. I didn’t move from that spot for the whole time they were playing.

I was moved, incredibly torn and quite emotional. I had no clue how the series was going to end but in all my wildest theories I never saw that coming.

In a panel at one of the Celebrations, Dave Filoni has said that everything that was put in Rebels had a reason, in response to backlash on “filler” episodes, e.g. The Purgill. And he was right, everything came together in those final episodes so nicely and neatly it’s almost as if Filoni has planned it… (yes I know he had it planned out).

When it ended I was of course left with many questions, mainly to do with Sabine, Ahsoka, Ezra and Thrawn but there were a few more, why didn’t Hera tell Kanan about the baby? Did she know before she was captured? Did Kanan know through the Force when he died? What part did Zeb and Kallus play in The Battle of Endor? Were they even there or did they leave for Lesaan after the Liberation of Lothal? I can’t imagine them doing that though.

In the time after the series finished, it did leave a Rebels shaped hole in my life. That was the first Disney era Star Wars content I consumed and it was a massive part of my fandom throughout its run and it makes up some of my best memories from my time at SWCE 2016, so I think I will always have a soft spot for the series.

It introduced us to so many new ideas and expansions of old ones, the Mandalorian storylines really helped flesh out the culture that we glimpsed in The Clone Wars, we got introduced to a true ‘middle’ Force User in The Bendu who was a brilliant teacher to Kanan and I hope we will see him again in some form in the future because there are so many questions I have (listen to the episode of JAMMED TRANSMISSIONS I was on for some of those), and of course the World Between Worlds. What was that all about? But isn’t that what makes being a Star Wars fan great? Not knowing all of the answers, because I love the speculation just as much as the finding out.

Now, what I am about to say may be considered controversial, but the ending of Rebels his me harder than The Clone Wars (Season 5 that is). Don’t get me wrong, I love The Clone Wars and that ending was gut wrenching but I didn’t live with The Clone Wars like I did Rebels. I never had the chance to watch Clone Wars week-to-week, when I finally did watch it all I already knew plot-lines and episode arcs and by the time I got to the Ahsoka arc in Season 5 I already knew she was back in Rebels. But Rebels, after Season 1 which I binged before Season 2 I did watch week-to-week, which, for me at least, made me feel more connected to it, and the fact that, unlike The Clone Wars, these characters were brand new, we didn’t know how their story would end, and boy oh boy what an end it was.

Will we see the remaining characters again? We’re getting Hera in Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron later this year. We got an amazing set up for an Ahsoka/Sabine series in the Rebels finale and even Dave Filoni has said that Ezra and Thrawn are alive somewhere in the galaxy. Only time, Filoni and the Lucasfilm Story Group will tell.

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