Life Debt Tidbits – Episode 8

We’re back with a selection of Star Wars articles from around the internet.

Star Wars: Always

Topher Grace and Jeff Yorkes have edited the ultimate Star Wars trailer using all ten films and deleted scenes that is taking the internet by storm. You can watch it HERE and I can’t recommend it enough.

Mark Hamill Reveals His Favourite TLJ Scene

By now I’m sure you have seen the amazing artwork by Karen Hillion of Luke and Leia from ‘The Last Jedi’ titled ‘No One is Ever Really Gone’. Well so has Mark Hamill and he loved it. Check out the full article at MOVIEWEB.

Star Wars Puts Lego Back on Track

After a dip in profits in 2017, Lego had a much better 2018 and it is (in part) thanks to Star Wars, especially the UCS Millennium Falcon. And whilst I didn’t pick that set up, I hope that all of my Lego purchases helped them out a little.

For more info check out the full article at RTE.IE.

Galaxy’s Edge Details Hit StarWars.Com

The official Star Wars site has put out a post with so much news about Galaxy’s Edge you’d fill a Death Star. Check out this video with Andi Gutierrez breaking it down HERE.

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