#Collection Corner -Lego Snoke’s Throne Room

When this set was initially announced I was in two minds about it. The set itself looks cool but the fact that there were only two mini-figs that were new (Praetorian Guards) kind of put me off. I already had the Rey, Kylo and Snoke figures from the first wave of ‘The Last Jedi’ sets. So I put it on my Wishlist and kept an eye on the price, which at £64.99 for 492 pieces is a bit steep, but a much cheaper way to get the Rey and Snoke mini-figs which originally appeared in the ‘AT-M6’ and ‘First Order Star Destroyer’ sets respectively which combined is £260 worth of Lego.

Then over Christmas I was told by the Gift-Giving Saint that I had a gift on the way but it would be after Christmas I got thinking. A few Lego sets had vanished from my Wishlist so I had no idea what it was.

I had a fanboy moment when I opened it.

Looking at the box in my hands I was massively excited to build it, even though I was half-way through Vader’s Castle but I restrained myself. Instead I had a look at the manual and put it on one side.

The box contains three numbered bags, the manual and the sticker sheet.

Bag 1 has the first third of the set which is the base of Snoke’s throne and the Occulus device he shows Rey the destruction of the Resistance Transports through, which even though is only a small part to the set looks brilliantly detailed. It also includes the Rey and Kylo mini-figs so if you are geeking out like me you can start posing them…

I couldn’t help myself.

This section also has a sliding floor panel to emulate Snoke using the Force to summon Rey to him across the room by using a rod positioned behind the Throne.

Bag 2 builds the second third of the set which includes the bridge and the elevator play function and Snoke’s Throne which is a great scale with the mini-fig.

The elevator play function has room inside to house one mini-fig and turns using a knob on the top. The other side is plain grey and the inside is decorated with two stickers.

The bridge is a nicely designed piece using Battle Droid arms to hold the railings in place which is a nice touch.

Again, I couldn’t help myself.

Bag 3 completes the set with the two exterior walls. Both feature storage compartments for an extra Praetorian Guard weapon, a set of handcuffs and a goblet… why a goblet? Anyone?

Like I said before, this is a good way to get the Rey, Kylo and Snoke figures without breaking the bank but the true highlights are the two Praetorian Guards. The robes and armour are well detailed and they utilise the new ‘robe’ mini-fig base well. The helmets are spot on in terms of detail and the weapons are well designed. I would have liked more but with the release of the Praetorian Guard Battle Pack last month I may have to buy two to put together a little fight scene…

All in all a nice set of a bit overpriced at the £64.99 RRP but it’s usually on Amazon for between £40 – £50 which is more reasonable. A few good play features and a good selection of figures for new collectors but for older collectors who have already got the three previously released they look great displayed in the set itself.

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