SPOILERS! Episode IX Leaked Image Analysis


If you don’t want to have any Episode IX spoilers then turn away NOW.

I mean it.

You have been warned.

This is your last chance. Leave now if you don’t want SPOILERS.

OK, I warned you.

And if you share this with folks who don’t want spoilers this will happen.

The leaked reference images of some of the ‘Episode IX’ characters have got me thinking.

I’m not over-thinking Dominic Monaghan’s or Richard E. Grant’s costumes, they are in pretty generic Resistance and First Order uniforms and I can’t see enough detail to discern their ranks, but I feel like Richard E. Grant will be playing a high ranking Officer, maybe a foil for Hux?

The two images of Kylo Ren, the full body reference image shows the costume well and other than the hooded cloak there seems to be very little change in the costume. The concept art of the fixed helmet gives us a look at the red substance that has fixed the helmet together. It looks pretty cool but not as messed us as I was hoping and I’m feeling a bit disappointed that he’s going back to the mask.

That new Droid looks pretty sweet, looking forward to that and BB-8 rolling around getting into Droid repeated mischief.

Good to see more Mon Cal members of the Resistance and the new aliens look really good.

I’m let down by Rey’s costume though. It basically looks like she washed her ‘The Force Awakens’ outfit and had one of the long bits cut off. It feels like not a lot of thought has gone into hers and Kylo’s looks which just makes me feel gutted. What I have loved about all of the films in the Saga is that the look of the characters changes between films. Granted we are only looking at a handful of images, and we know that they filmed scenes in the desert at Jordan, maybe it’s her desert gear.

Poe’s ‘Adventure’ outfit however looks great and almost reminiscent of Brendan Fraser in ‘The Mummy’. It’s cool to see him out of his usual Resistance/Pilot gear and it shows off the guerrilla nature of the Resistance at the time of the film.

And Lando, well, Lando looks like Lando and that is perfect.

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