Life Debt Tidbits – Issue 4

Anthony Daniels Wraps on IX

On 28th January, C-3PO himself, Anthony Daniels, took to Twitter to announce he had completed work on ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ with the following tweet:

Of course this doesn’t include any work on re-shoots, which of course the mere mention will send the fandom screaming in terror even though it’s a very common practice in filmmaking. However this is quite bittersweet as, for all we know, this could be the last time we see C-3PO in a theatrical film.

20th Anniversary Lego Sets Officially Revealed.

FINALLY!!! We can now get a look at the next wave of Star Wars Lego. My last post about the rumoured sets was right with the different vehicles and anniversary mini-figs.

I can honestly say that this is one wave of Lego that I will be aiming to get them all and as soon as possible. The builds look fantastic and I’ve missed out on Slave 1 and the Snowspeeder since 1999 and I’m not missing my chance this time around. You can check this article from The Brothers Brick HERE with all the information and pictures.

Where is The Star Wars Show?

After getting a tease on Twitter earlier this week in a photo featuring The Star Wars Show hosts Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni on the set of ‘The Star Wars Show’ the fandom has been waiting eagerly. Then on Tuesday, ‘Phasma’ author Delilah S. Dawson teased a big announcement, the fans put two and two together and got… nothing. I happened to be up at 2 this morning due to a sick child and by that point I must have refreshed the Star Wars YouTube page over two dozen times. Dawson has hinted that something will happen today, either the show will be released late OR Dawson will announce it herself. Either way I am waiting with baited breath.

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