Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Mission 11 – Until Ashes

As I have recently gotten back into gaming after getting a new XBox One S I’ve gone and gotten back into Battlefront 2 in a big bad way.

There will be spoilers for the game so be warned if you haven’t played it yet.

The result of this is I will now do some writing about each of the levels as I make my way through the game. This time I will go through Mission 11 – Until Ashes.

The Premise – After crashing onto the hull of The Eviscerator, Iden battles her way across its hull to get inside and find her father in an attempt to get him to leave.

When she finds him he tells her he has to stay but sends her away, telling her to live a peaceful life.

Iden runs through the ship as is falls apart and gets into an escape pod, leaving the doomed Star Destroyer and crashing onto the planet.

Iden regains consciousnesses as Del breaks open the Pod. Iden climbs out and Del tells her the good news, the Empire is defeated, once and for all. The two former Imperials kiss but are interrupted by Shriv and the Droid. They follow Shriv to a ridge where they see the remains of ships littering the Jakku desert.

The Gameplay – Again very straight forward. Once you have spoken to Admiral Versio you run through the Star Destroyer in 3rd Person without the use of weapons.

Easter Eggs – Once again this mission is set during the Battle of Jakku. Admiral Versio mentions Gallius Rax and claims that Rax wanted Versio to leave, presumably for the Unknown Regions.

A decent but short mission. The main attraction is battling across a Star Destroyer hull. With a lot of nooks and crannies it’s easy to get taken out from any direction. And watch out for the Rocket Launchers.

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