#Collection Corner – Lego Porg

Despite this being a Christmas present from my wife and daughter I received it early, due to the fact my wife got her Christmas Present in October AND it was looking at me. I swear it was.

The box is big, deceptively big, probably to justify the £59.99 price tag. Granted the model is made up of 811 pieces the box doesn’t relate to the size of the set.

The box contains six numbered bags, the instruction book and one sticker for the display stand.

Bag 1 builds the ‘skeleton’ of the set including the tail segment that operates the wing and mouth mechanisms and the feet. I really like the way the feet are built with the individual toes and claws look really great.

Bag 2 builds the back of the Porg. It was in this bag I realised how intricate and ‘fiddly’ the building of this set would be with so many small pieces that fit together so precisely that one wrong move can mess the whole thing up down the line. I really like the idea of the 1×1 pyramid pieces mixed with the ‘rock’ pieces to give the impression of feathers. The tail also helps balance the build that allows the Porg to stand correctly.

Look at that tummy! So cute.

So, Bag 3 is the front of the Porg and is all in white. We really start to get the shape of the build now and the use of the smooth pieces on the front really give it the look of a sea-fairing bird and the waterproof feathers they have.

Bag 4 rounds the front out (literally) giving us the front of the sides of the build. These are the same on both sides but because of the ‘fiddly’ nature of the build it doesn’t feel repetitive.

Bag 5 fleshes out the sides and the two wings. Again a repetitive bag but it really doesn’t feel like it, the intricate build feels quite refreshing after building some of the larger ships. The wing tips really look great, the buried orange an blue bricks under the grey really show the level of detail that the designers put into this set.

And finally, Bag 6, the head and display stand. The detail on the head is just so good and I loved putting together the two sides of the head layer by layer before putting them on and finishing it off.

The finished product is beautiful, it captures the cuteness of the creatures from ‘The Last Jedi’ and from what I can tell it’s ‘actual sized’.

As this is seemingly part of the ‘Ultimate Collectors Series’ it comes with a stand which features the one and only sticker and the mini-fig representation which we got in the Ahch-To Training set and the recent UCS Millennium Falcon.

This was a great, fun build with a great pay-off at the end with a great model to display. When it was first released I wasn’t sure about it, I didn’t like the look of it at all but once I got a chance to see it in person I changed my mind and I’m so pleased that I did.

My only issue is the price, despite being 811 pieces, seeing as most of them are small I couldn’t justify the full £59.99 price tag but my wife got it in the Black Friday sale for £35.99 which I felt was much more reasonable.

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