Life Debt Tidbits- Issue 3

Hera’s Back!!!

Not only did we recently get information on Alexander Freed’s ‘Alphabet Squadron’ being the first part of a trilogy following the squad of former Rebellion pilots tracking down renegade TIE Fighter squadrons, an article from GIZMODO has given some more information which includes the return of none other General Hera Syndulla!!! I was already really really excited for this book as I have loved both of Freed’s novels set in the Star Wars Galaxy and now we’re getting three more!

Celebration Chicago Poster and Guests

The official Star Wars site has released the official (and lovely) artwork for Star Wars Celebration Chicago as well as a number of guests who will be in attendance, including Chewie himself, Joonas Suotamo and the voice of Maul, Sam Witwer, for the full announcement please click HERE.

Still really gutted I can’t be there but I’ll be covering as much as possible through the Live Streams.

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