#Collection Corner – The Yellow Mini-Fig Rumour Clear-Up

According to a new post at REBEL SCUM the Yellow faced mini-figs will actually be included as an extra mini-fig as opposed to what I initially believed to be sets with all Yellow face figures.

The problem with rumours is that some aren’t very clear and now I feel much more excited for some of these new sets knowing that I won’t be getting a load of Yellow figures.

I’ve taken a screenshot of the rumoured sets that could include the Yellow figures.

All of these appeared on the rumoured list I posted on Saturday. It doesn’t however include either of the ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ rumoured sets or the ‘Action Attack/Defence’ sets. That’s not to say that they won’t be released, only that they most likely won’t include any of these Yellow figures.

Also, the Darth Vader that comes with the ‘Clone Scout Walker’ will probably not have a Yellow head but will have the original grey face and all in one helmet we got back in 1999.

Total Yellow Count – 8 (feels like more).

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