#Collection Corner – More 2019 April Lego Rumours

I found a list of rumoured Lego Star Wars sets whilst hunting on that there internet, it seems quite plausible based on previous rumours I have heard so I’ll put some of my thoughts with the not-so-descriptive descriptions.

Set 1 : 75236 – Duel At Starkiller Base – Includes 191 pcs – $19.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-0421

I get the feeling that this is going to be Rey and Kylo in the Forest on Starkiller Base. I’m intrigued to see this, I’m anticipating a collapsible tree or two, maybe a play feature where the ground ‘splits’ open. If a third mini-fig is included I reckon it will be Finn. I like the idea of having a mix of green and white for the snow and forest floor. I’m already interested in this one.

Set 2 : 75238 – {? Action Attack Battle Of Endor ?} – Includes 193 pcs, Minifigs: TBA – $29.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-6194)

I’m not sure what an ‘Action Attack’ set is, but I’m anticipating some sort of set based on Endor with some firing weapons and Rebel Soldiers vs. Stormtroopers… unless it’s Ewoks. I would have to see this before passing judgement really.

Set 3 : 75239 – {? Action Attack Battle Of Hoth ?} – Includes 235 pcs, Minifigs: TBA – $29.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-5599)

A Hoth version of the Endor ‘Action Attack’ set listed above. Rebels vs. Snowtroopers, maybe a Tauntaun, Luke and Wampa. Again I’d have to see it before making a decision, although the prices on these two ‘Action Attack’ sets seem steep for the piece count.

Set 4 : 75240 – Vonreg’s TIE – Includes 496 pcs, Minifigs: TBA – $69.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-9907)

Finally a ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ set. Getting this one! It’s a logical choice to have a pair of sets, One a hero and one a villain like this one. Plus it’s a familiar design being a TIE Interceptor but it has a new paint-job and it give Lego the chance to do an update on the older model.

Set 5 : 75241 – {? Defend Action Battle Echo Base ?} – Includes 504 pcs, Minifigs: Snow Trooper, Rebel Trooper (3X) – $59.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-0463)

A counter-part to the ‘Action Attack’ Hoth set? If the two do go together I’d be interested to see in what way or are Lego just splitting a larger set into two for more money?

Set 6 : 75242 – Black Ace – Includes 396 pcs, Minifigs: TBA – $49.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-0460)

Is this Griff Halloran’s Racer from ‘Star Wars: Resistance’? If so, brilliant. But why this one and not a character/ship we are more familiar with? We haven’t seen much of Griff so far and it seems illogical to make one of the first sets for the series not be one of the main ones? Give me ‘Fireball’ first and bring the rest of the ships later on in the year.

Set 7 : 75243 – Slave I – Includes 1007 pcs, Minifigs: TBA – $119.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-0464)

Enough said really. If this is true I have already put my request in for my birthday this year.

Set 8 : 75258 – Anakin’s Podracer – Includes 279 pcs, Minifigs: Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala – $29.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-0461)

This was part of the rumours I first heard earlier this month. It’s not surprising us getting something like this from ‘The Phantom Menace’ and even though there’s no images yet I’m very tempted to get this. According to that rumour the mini-figs will have Yellow faces.

Set 9 : 75259 – Snowspeeder – Includes 309 pcs, Minifigs: TBA – $39.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-0467) (Walmart Exclusive) (Remake of 4500 from 2004)

A Snowspeeder. I haven’t had one of these in all my Lego collecting career so I am tempted by it. I’m curious to see if this is going to be a Hoth version of the Sandspeeder that came out last year. If so the thats pretty lame for Lego. I understand remaking sets after a few years where they are updated but they just retired the Sandspeeder and now the Snowspeeder is coming out, a bit fishy to me. I also have a feeling that this one will also have Yellow mini-figs. I hope that the ‘Walmart Exclusive’ situation won’t stop it from being available overseas and hope it will be easily found.

Set 10 : 75260 – {? TBA 20th Anniversary Set ?} – Includes pcs TBA, Minifigs: TBA – $TBA / €TBA (Target Exclusive)

Not a lot of info but like the Snowspeeder set I hope this one is easily found overseas.

Set 11 : 75261 – Clone Scout Walker – Includes 250 pcs, Minifigs: TBA – $29.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-2458) (Walmart Exclusive) (Remake of 7250 from 2005)

I don’t really get the sets from the Prequels. I’m all for stuff from The Clone Wars but I’m not running out there to buy up the recent AT-AP or Droid Gunship sets so I will probably not pick this one up.

Set 12 : 75262 – Imperial Dropship – Includes 125 pcs, Minifigs: TBA – $19.99 / €TBA (Target DPCI: 204-00-0409) (Walmart Exclusive) (Remake of 7667 from 2008)

Again an exclusive which I hope won’t be an issue in the UK. I need to have a look at this set but I do like expanding my Imperial mini-fig army, that currently has a few more members than The Resistance at the end of ‘The Last Jedi’.

All in all, there are four sets I will definitely get, Slave 1, Starkiller Base Duel and the two ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ sets and I might get Anakin’s Podracer but that’s up for internal buyers debate when it’s actually released. I may pick up the Snowspeeder only because I haven’t got one and I feel my collection would be lacking without that classic ship.

I’m not going to lie I am slightly disappointed by the ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ sets here. Like I said before I get why they are putting out Vonreg’s TIE Interceptor, but, if my theory regarding the name ‘Black Ace’ is correct, why are we getting a ship which has only shown up two or three times who’s pilot has only had ONE LINE in the first half of the season. It doesn’t make sense to me. But it could just be a code name and I’m getting worked up over nothing. But we shall see.

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