Star Wars: Resistance – Mid-Season Thoughts

When I make the following claim I pray that the Lords of Star Wars fandom don’t come and take my membership card. Star Wars: Resistance is the first of the three animated series I have watched from the beginning on TV. I wasn’t able to do so with Clone Wars or Rebels due to not having access. I managed to watch Season 2 onwards of Rebels on its weekly releases but not Season 1. But I have made a point of doing it with Resistance and I’m thoroughly enjoying it on a weekly basis.

When it was first announced I loved the idea that it would follow a pilot who was spying on the First Order and that Poe Dameron and Captain Phasma were going to have roles in the series. But when we didn’t get a trailer until a month or so before the series premiered I started to have some doubts on how good the series would be or how well recurved. When ‘The Recruit’, the Season One premiere came out I went into it with little expectations and I really enjoyed it.

The series has brought some new stuff to the franchise, be it brand new X-Wings, more information on the First Order, great new characters and just more Star Wars content for us to enjoy.

The animation looks great, the 2D really frees up the Animators to fill in the backgrounds with more characters to give The Colossus the feel of a busy place, unlike in Rebels where budget constraints only allowed for a maximum of four or five characters in one location which is fine on The Ghost but it makes the streets of Lothal look desolate.

The Colossus is a fantastic location filled with some interesting background characters who catch your eye, you could play Star Wars Species Bingo every episode and still not get bored, and in top of that they are adding to the list of species by introducing new and interesting ones.

The characters are beginning to be fleshed out, now we are ten episodes into the series I feel that we are really getting to know the heroes. Kaz is a great lead, a complete fish out of water character who spends most of his time bumbling around and making a mess but when he gets into a cockpit he feels right at home.

The rest of ‘Team Fireball’, Yeager, Tam, Neeku and Bucket all bring something different to Kaz’s life. Yeager is his surly mentor who has a history which we get to learn through these first ten episodes, Tam is that person who just won’t stop giving you grief but when the time comes they stick their neck out for you (I can only assume at this point but we have gotten some interesting back-story on her), Bucket is the token grouchy Droid and Neeku…

Who doesn’t love Neeku? Neeku is the best. He’s so sweet and utterly clueless but he’s Neeku and we can’t help but love him.

So much so that here is a picture of Neeku, just to make you smile.

The supporting cast, including Captain Doza and his daughter, Torra who is one of they ‘Flying Aces’ a group of fighter pilots/racers who defend the Colossus, which also includes Hype Fazon who has a history with Tam and three others we aren’t quite familiar with at this point, Griff Halloran, Bo Keevel and Freya Fenris. We also have met the owners of the junk shop, a comedic pair called Flix and Orka who have helped the team on a couple of occasions and are always good for a laugh.

The First Order, are of course the main villains of the series, but they’re villainy is often hidden behind others, namely the Pirates that Major Vonreg, the red armoured TIE Pilot has hired to cause the Colossus trouble in order for Captain Doza, the man in charge of the Platform, to accept an offer from the First Order for protection. We are also introduced to Commander Pyre, a Gold suited Stormtrooper and seemingly second in command to Captain Phasma, who proves to be an interesting and hopefully we’ll fleshed out villain.

Speaking of Phasma, the fact that Gwendoline Christie provides the voice for the character gives the series that little bit more legitimacy, as well as having Oscar Isaac voice Poe Dameron, and not in a brief cameo here and there, but in three full episodes.

The timeline of the show is also intriguing, starting six months prior to ‘The Force Awakens’ and having it confirmed that the series will catch up and happen at the same time as that film and ‘The Last Jedi’ provides fans with a great insight to the effects the events of those films have across the Galaxy as it happens, something that hasn’t happened in a series thus-far.

The series has seemingly been a success with fans, both young and old and I really hope it continues. The storylines are fun, the characters great and I can’t wait for the series to come back.

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