Life Debt Tidbits Issue 1

Welcome to the new, ongoing series of posts where I will break down news and rumours on a weekly basis and what better week to start than this week.

Star Wars: Resistance Mid-Season Trailer And Renewal

The amazing trailer for the second half of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ appeared online yesterday. If you haven’t seen it then head on over using this link HERE.

It looks so freaking good! I actually bounced around in joy when I first watched it. The series looks to be ramping up the action and the plot is moving forward at a rapid pace.

I will be writing a breakdown soon so keep your eyes peeled.

The series has also been renewed for Season 2. Depending on the timeline of the second half of the series we could be getting some post ‘The Last Jedi’ content.

Star Wars Lego Rumours

Thanks to Yakface Forums for this. Four names for sets due to be released in April have been revealed in an Instagram post. For the article visit this link HERE.

The sets revealed for April are Anakin’s Podracer, Snowspeeder, Clone Scout Walker, Imperial Dropship,

Based on rumours I wrote about last week it is also believed that sets based on ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ are due for release in the April wave of sets as well. I’m tempted by the Snowspeeder at this point and maybe Anakin’s Podracer but I’m holding out for some ‘Resistance’ sets right now.

Kieron Gillen to Step Away From Star Wars Comics

Kieron Gillen has been a mainstay is the Marvel Star Wars Comics franchise since the license returned to Marvel, starting out on the first ‘Darth Vader’ series, then ‘Doctor Aphra’ and then the main ‘Star Wars’ title starting from issue 38. He has announced today (I found out through the site Fantha Track which can be read HERE) that after issue 67 he will be stepping away fro Star Wars for the time-being. I haven’t read all of his Star Wars work but what I have read has been great and he was great as SWCE 2016 when I saw him at the Marvel Comics panel. I wish him all the best for his future projects and hope to see him in TGFFA again in the future.

That’s it for this weeks Life Debt Tidbits. See you next week.

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