#Collection Corner – 2019 Lego Rumours

As a collector of Star Wars Lego I like to keep my ear to the ground on rumours for upcoming sets.

This morning I came across an interesting one over at BRICK FANATICS.

April 2019 marks the 20th Anniversary of the first Lego Star Wars sets, so naturally Lego are looking to commemorate this.

The article states that a number of sets will be released with YELLOW faced mini-figs.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think that’s a pretty good idea if they are looking at having some older sets updated with the yellow mini-figs, sort of like the recently released ‘Black Series Archive’ figures. Old figures rereleased with some tweaks. What I am fearful of is that we are going to get some brand new builds with the yellow mini-figs.

I know this sounds ridiculous but as much as I like the idea I just don’t want to be throwing in a bunch of odd-looking mini-figs into my collection. I’d like the option to have new builds which have normal coloured figures as opposed to the yellow ones.

And I seriously hope that, if the rumour is true, that the ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ sets have the correct coloured mini-figs. Granted, if they do have some decent new builds with the yellow figures I might just have to say ‘suck it up’ to myself and buy them, I am intrigued to see if this rumour about Anakin’s Pod Racer is true.

I am excited and nervous to see what we will be getting in April’s Lego Star Wars wave. I also hope we get some more ‘Phantom Menace’ themed sets to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of its release, I really want an N-1 Starfighter.

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