How I’ve Ruined The First Episode IX Trailer For Myself.

I was listening to some Star Wars Podcasts and they were talking about the rumoured Episode IX teaser we may be getting this month and my head went on a bit of a roller coaster of ‘What If’, and honestly I gave myself chills!

Imagine, it would be much like the 2014 ‘Force Awakens’ teaser we got with Snoke’s voice-over with various clips and finishing with The Falcon flying overhead, think that kind of length and style.

We get shots of Rey and Rose doing their thing. Finn, Poe and Chewie on the Grassland planet with Horses. Kyle’s new mask. Maybe Hux looking annoyed, all with this voice over, re-recorded lines from ‘Empire Strikes Back’.

Vader: Luke

Luke: Father

Anakin: Son, come with me.

We then get a shot of Force Ghost Luke in Force Ghost limbo and a hand rests on his shoulder revealing Force Ghost Anakin.

Luke opens his eyes and Anakin fades.

Luke: Ben, why didn’t you tell me?

Title Card.

It’s more the thought of using that dialogue with a a new context, maybe we find out Force Ghost Anakin has tried to contact Ben in the past before he turned on Luke and never told his Master.

So, yeah, thought I would just throw that out there.

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