#Collection Corner – Rebels Pop! Vinyl Ghost Crew

When it was announced that we would be getting Star Wars: Rebels Pop! Vinyl figures I was ecstatic. I wouldn’t say I was a Rebels fan from day one but once I finally started watching it around the time Season One finished I was hooked.

It was one of the few times I ever pre-ordered a set all in one go but I had to make sure I got them all (like Pokemon). I had them shipped to my work and I think that was the happiest I had looked in the office in a long time. Of course, as soon as I got them home they came out of the box and got put on the shelves.

Kanan Jarrus has his Season 1 and 2 look, with goatee and cool armour on his arm. I would like to see a Season 3 or 4 look with the full beard and mask. The lightsaber hilt is perfectly detailed as well as his shoulder plate.

They have used a variation of the usual hero pose that we got with the early Pop! figures.

The Hera figure is incredibly detailed, the outfit looks great and the colour around her eyes really adds depth to the paint job. My only complaint is that the figure is too top heavy. I used to display my Pop! figures without the bases to maximise space but when I got this one out of the box and it couldn’t stand up so I had to rearrange the collection.

Ezra is in an action pose, wielding his lightsaber and using the force. He is, like Kanan, in his Season 1 and 2 outfit. The details on which look great, with all of the details visible on all the different parts of the costume. The lightsaber looks really good. The only problem I can see is the way the legs/ankles are posed, to me the stance looks a bit off.

Call me a fake fan if you like but I can’t tell if this Sabine outfit is from Season 1 or 2. Oops. But the detail looks great, the colour on her armour and hair looks great, the hair especially is so vivid and stands out on my shelf. Her pose is very character accurate and the blasters look great. Again though, the pose doesn’t lend itself to being displayed without the base.

I have to say that out of the whole Ghost Crew Pop! collection, this is the most disappointing. I’m really not so keen on the face sculpt, I know it’s been Funko-fied but it doesn’t ring home for me. The rest of the figure looks great with all of the detail and colour.

Chopper! I have a Dave Filoni Pop! Vinyl!!! This figure is so detailed it’s amazing. Every bit of it looks brilliant and it’s become a favourite of my 19 month old daughter. Almost every night she has to hug and kiss a handful of my Pop! figures and Chopper is one of the usual suspects.

Like I said, I was excited for this set and even though I’m not keen on the Zeb sculpt I love having the whole crew together. They really show off the exceptional level of detail Funko give their figures which makes them a pleasure to collect.

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