‘Tis the Season to Build Lego – Day 8

The run-up to Christmas has arrived and with it the all important Advent Calendar.

This year, my Wife, the Saint, the Expert Gifter, the Gift-Giving Goddess has bought me the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar and with it she has also given all of you dear readers 24 days of Blog Posts.

And on the eighth day of Christmas, Lego gave to me…

A Prequel-Era B1 Battle Droid with Blaster.

Back when The Phantom Menace came out I got a few of these, and I had a couple of complaints. The blasters were held sideways and the blasters just looked awful. They were black megaphones with a red stud at the front. The second complaint was they weren’t sturdy at all, the connections got loose very quickly and soon the mini-figs were bent double or their heads were flopping down, and they could barely keep the blaster up.

This new one however seems a lot sturdier, the mini-fig itself looks very similar to the 1999 design with the exception of the blast hand being moulded to hold the blaster correctly. And the blaster, whilst being generic, looks good with this figure.

It’s nice to be getting more Prequel-Era stuff from this Advent Calendar and I’m being tempted to pick up some Prequel-Era sets in the future. Beside that, I’m looking forward to what’s behind Door Number 9 tomorrow…

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