Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Mission 4: The Storm

As I have recently gotten back into gaming after getting a new XBox One S this past week I’ve gone and gotten back into Battlefront 2 in a big bad way.

There will be spoilers for the game so be warned if you haven’t played it yet.

The result of this is I will now do some writing about each of the levels as I make my way through the game. This time I will go through Mission 4 – The Storm.

The Premise – Inferno Squad have been sent to Iden’s homeworld of Vardos to extract Protectorate Gleb, who taught both Iden and Hask in their youth.

When they arrive at Vardos they find ‘The Dauntless’ and the Operation Cinder satellites. Iden goes to her father who orders that Operation Cinder start and orders Iden to do her mission.

On Vardos, Iden, Del and Hask go to the Archive all the whole discussing the effect of Operation Cinder whilst watching Stormtroopers round up civilians.

When they reach Gleb the team falls apart. Iden and Del want to save as many as possible, Hask is determined to follow the Admiral’s orders and extract only Gleb. Iden shoots Hask in the leg and free the rest of the survivors, leaving Hask and Gleb.

Del and Iden encounter Imperials in their way back to the Corvus, having to fight their way through the Imperial soldiers, eventually hijacking an AT-AT.

After a last stand at the landing platform, Iden, Del, the survivors and the crew of the Corvus escape.

Agent Hask extracts Gleb and the Admiral promotes him to Commander, Iden’s former rank.

Gameplay – The opening part of the mission is slow paced to allow for the exposition as you walk through the streets on Vardos towards the Archive where you meet Gleb and all in a third-person view. After the cutscene you can return to playing in first-person if you want.

Later in the level you are able to control the cannons on the AT-AT which is true to the films and moves slowly but has tremendous firepower. Once in the vehicle you are nigh indestructible and can happily blow Stormtroopers, AT-ST’s, AA Canons and even another AT-AT to kingdom come. Which is fun and oddly cathartic.

Easter Eggs – Again we witness Operation Cinder from the ‘Shattered Empire’ comics. The character of Protectorate Gleb was featured in the tie-in novel ‘Star Wars: Battlefront – Inferno Squadron.

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