#Collection Corner – Cloud Rider Swoop Bikes Lego Review

The Saint has done it again.

My wife was doing an online Tesco shop and asked if I wanted anything. Me being me, I know what Star Wars Lego our local branch has in stock so I casually threw out Yoda’s Hut.

Later on, she turned up at my work and asked me to pick the shopping up after work and hands me her card and said that I could go in and buy the set. I pondered this but then said there was another set I would prefer at the same price on Amazon. I sent her the link and the next day it arrived.

Now, going back a few months I wrote a #SoloSunday post about potential Lego sets that I would have liked to see (HERE) which I got mostly spot on, one of those sets was essentially this one.


The Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes set comes with 355 pieces, which isn’t bad for a £25.99 price. Granted most of them are small pieces but we are also getting some very customised pieces for the mini-figures so the price, in my opinion, is justified.

Inside the box is three bags of pieces, two instruction booklets and a sheet of 14 stickers.

The first instruction booklet is Weazel’s Swoop which is split into two bags. The second booklet covers Bag 3 which is Enfys Nest’s Swoop.

Bag 1 contains the Weazel mini-fig, his Swoop Bike and a Coaxium container. Having built a couple of Speeder Bike sets this one was quite refreshing to have such great detail and interesting building techniques. The engine at the back looks amazing and it’s such a simple idea but done in a new and visually stunning way. And for a Swoop bike the size is pretty good, it’s quite long which makes it very screen accurate.

The Weazel mini-fig looks great. The helmet design is spot on and very well detailed. The head inside is solid black which gives the visor some depth. He comes with a large blaster which was previously used for the Shoretrooper figures with the Rogue One sets and it nicely attaches to the side of his Swoop so it’s not loose during play. The figure has the short ‘child’ legs which fit the character because he was played by Warwick Davies.

Bag 2 consists of the ‘side car’ to Weazel’s Swoop which come with some man looking blasters. I happened to be watching ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ as I built this and did notice this during the Conveyex heist scene, it’s the Swoop that goes under the AT-Hauler, allowing the passenger to get on the ship and attacks Rio (may he rest in peace).

When connected to the Swoop Bike it makes it look incredibly intimidating as a vehicle, forget Moloch’s Speeder, I wouldn’t want to get chased by this.

Bag 2 also gives us the second Tobias Beckett mini-fig, this time in his usual outfit and two blasters. My favourite part of this figure has got to be the hair-piece. That looks so spot on to the characters hair from the film.

Bag 3 gives us the icing on the cake, Enfys Nest’s Swoop, again it is incredibly detailed and well put together, but the biggest draw for this Bag, or even the whole set is the Enfys Nest mini-fig.

The mini-fig is, yet again, brilliantly detailed. The head under the mask is a solid black head which is my biggest gripe, I would have liked to see the characters face under there with a separate hair piece like the Kylo Ren mini-fig from the Maz’s Castle set. Her weapon is nicely put together using pre-existing weapons from other collections but it looks pretty accurate.

Enfys’s mask is glorious. The little details like the Aurabesh poem and ridges on the crest make it stand out. The mask is made of softer material, most likely to avoid people stabbing themselves on it.

Overall, this is a great little set with interesting builds and fantastic mini-figs and I’m really pleased I got it. I’m usually opposed to buying the £25(ish) sets because they can be quite hit-or-miss in terms of piece content or size but this time around I’m more than happy that I payed full price. Like I mentioned earlier, I wish we got Enfys Nest’s unmasked face as well but hey, maybe in another wave.

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