Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Mission 2: The Dauntless

As I have recently gotten back into gaming after getting a new XBox One S this past week I’ve gone and gotten back into Battlefront 2 in a big bad way.

There will be spoilers for the game so be warned if you haven’t played it yet.

The result of this is I will now do some writing about each of the levels as I make my way through the game. This time I will go through Mission 2 – The Dauntless.

The Premise – Your mission is to protect the Fondor Shipyards where the Star Destroyer ‘The Dauntless’ is docked. The Dauntless is integral to Operation Conder, a contingency plan the Emperor has put in place in the event of his death, but the Shipyards have been targeted by the New Republic.

Iden and Hask take TIE Fighters and engage the Republic forces before Iden manages to board the Mon Calamari Capital Ship and makes her way through to the Ion Cannon control room where she is joined by Hask and they hold of Republic troops whilst the Droid slices the controls and ejects the canons power cores which Iden and Hask destroy.

Once they have sabotaged the Ion Canons they escape the ship and The Dauntless escapes into hyperspace and with it the satellites for Operation Cinder.

The Gameplay – Much like the previous levels really, it alternates between piloting a fighter and ground combat and we don’t have much difference in gameplay at this point other than when controlling the Hero characters (Luke, Leia, Han and Lando).

Easter Eggs – Operation Cinder is the biggest Easter Egg in the Mission, it is one of the Emperor’s contingency plans that was introduced in the Shattered Empire comic series by Greg Rucka and will feature heavily in a few more levels.

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