#Collection Corner – The Force Awakens Rey Black Series

As I stated in the #Collection Corner – SWCE Exclusive Unmasked Kylo Ren Black Series post, I don’t collect the ‘Black Series’ due to space and the fact that there are so many now I wouldn’t know where to even start, but I always thought that the Kylo Ren looked a bit lonely on the wall.

A week or so after my daughter was born, my friend Andrew (who guested on THIS Life Debt Podcast Episode) got in touch to tell me he had found a bunch of Black Series figures for £5. I asked which ones and he gave me a list which included Rey… I asked a couple more questions. After some back and forth he picked one up for me. When I finally picked it up… it was sweet.

She is now nicely displayed next to the Kylo box, hung on the wall, still in the box. I’m not a big ‘keep them in the box’ collector but these look pretty nice in their boxes so I don’t feel bad about tearing open the packaging. Plus the ‘Black Series’ is more for display that playing, in my opinion and the boxes lend themselves to that.

First up, BB-8, the little guy looks great. Excellent detail and the weathering looks like he’s just been taken from Jakku. I never got a 3.75 inch BB-8 figure, I didn’t want to spend £16 on a BB-8 and two minor characters and never found nothin a sale so it was nice to get one in some form.

The artwork on the packaging looks great. Both characters look spot-on. Hasbro have a great team of artists who always do amazing work on the packaging (even if the figures look awful).

Rey comes with the Skywalker Lightsaber and her staff. I may be wrong but I have a feeling that Rey originally didn’t have the saber as an accessory until after the film was released to avoid spoilers, but I’m pretty glad this one had it. The accessories are of course well detailed but they kind of have to be when Hasbro know that the figures will be put through arduous scrutiny by fans and collectors.

The face and hair sculpt is really good, you can tell it’s Rey even at a passing glance, unlike the ‘Power of the Force 2’ Princess Leia who looks like a butch extra from Planet of the Apes. I may not collect them but I do have a look when I get chance and sometimes the sculpts on the action figures looks terrible. Just look at the Director Krennic figures that came out with ‘Rogue One’. Damn that looked bad.

The detail on the clothing is also great, the folds and creases in the clothes look great, even down to the buckles on the straps on her wrists and belt.

Overall this is a gorgeous figure and when I look at this and the Kylo figure I often wonder if a ‘Black Series’ collection is feasible, especially when they are half price at the nearest toy shop.

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