#Collection Corner – SWCE Exclusive Unmasked Kylo Ren Black Series

I never got into the Black Series when I returned to the Star Wars fandom in 2014. They looked great but I was never able to find them, and if I did I wasn’t keen on the price tag of £20. I am quite possibly living in the past when I say this but when I was younger, action figures cost £5. By the time Revenge of the Sith came out I paid £6 per figure. But £20? It’s a bit much for me.

Then of course I went to Celebration Europe in 2016 and they had a Con Exclusive Unmasked Kylo Ren in a collectors box. To get it you had to queue up for a ticket which gave you a time to pick it up. At first I wasn’t bothered but then I saw pictures and it looked great.

My mind was finally made up on the Saturday morning in the line for the Rebels Season 3 panel wristbands and a guy I was talking to had bought and swayed my mind as well as the minds of a couple of our queue buddies.

Once we got our Rebels wristbands we ran (well walked briskly) to the Kylo Ren queue and got our tickets.

Skip to a few hours later, I had shopped and been to a couple of panels and finally made my way to the Forbidden Planet stalk and got it. £35. I accepted that price, it’s a convention exclusive, in a nice box with some extra accessories.

My god it was glorious.

The box is lovely. The art is amazing and I was happy to also get the cover as a poster. Then I opened it up.

Again, the interior art is great and then there is the figure.

I love this figure. The sculpt is pretty good, which shows the level of detail Hasbro want to put in to this series, much better that the 3.75 inch figures in general. The outfit, both moulded and fabric looks so good and I love the addition of him holding his (brilliantly detailed) lightsaber hilt. I won’t lie, I have posed him (in the box) to look like he is holding the saver out to Han like that scene in The Force Awakens.

The accessories are great. His ignited saver has the same level of detail on the hilt and the blade looks good, which is hard to do given the volatile nature of Kylo’s sabre blade.

The First Order banner looks good, and if displayed out of the box would look good displayed with the figure but really it’s only there to pad out the set and justify the price for the set.

The Kylo Ren helmet looks great too but the jewel of the set is Vader’s burnt helmet.

Wow. Just wow. It’s so well detailed and makes buying the collectors edition that bit better, I know it’s only a tiny bit of plastic, and the unmasked Kylo came out as a regular Black Series figure without the extra accessories but this just makes it that bit more special.

All in all, for my first dive into The Black Series this is a fantastic set. Will I go out and buy the whole range? Not likely, I don’t have the room but I have bought one more which I have on display (still in the box) with this which I will review at a later date.

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