#Collection Corner – Lego AT-Hauler Review

My wife is a saint.

I saw that the AT-Hauler Lego set from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ had a decent price drop on Amazon and mentioned it in passing. The next day she asked me about it and ordered it. I started building it the day after that.

It has spent the past three days sat on the mantle piece as it gets built and she has not complained about it once.

The AT-Hauler is made up of 829 pieces and costs £89.99 (RRP) which when you work our price per brick etc isn’t too bad when it comes to a license based set. I spent £71 on Amazon, which I felt to be a very good deal (the lowest I saw it was £65).

The set comes with five mini-figs. Two of Dryden Vos’s guards, Qi’Ra in her ‘Lodge Outfit’, Val and Rio Durant and the build come in seven numbered bags and some stickers.

Bag 1 consists of the Qi’Ra mini-fig, her blaster, a cargo container and gun rack with four large blasters and the underside cage of the AT-Hauler which is most prominently seen in the scene where Han asks Chewie his name.

The second bag gives us the skeleton of one wing and the two Dryden Vos Guards, the third bag gives us the skeleton of the second wing.

These are quite technical builds, the landing gears are connected to a wheel which you use to change them from flight to landing configuration and a series of long pieces are connected up the length of the wings, their purpose becomes clear later.

The third bag feels repetitive as you are building the exact same thing but it’s the cross we Lego builders must bare at times.

Bags 4 and 5 give us the outside plating and lifting mechanism of both wings. Bag 4 is just the one set of playing but 5 is the wing plating as well as the mechanics to lift the Argo box using the two hook structures which are connected to the wheels on the outside of the wings. These are connected to the mechanism which is made of the multiple long sticks which connect to the hooks. When the wheels are moved the hooks open and allow you to get he hooks under the crate. Pretty fancy really.

Bag 4 also gives us the delightful Cal mini-fig. I love that we can flesh out the cast of Solo with this set, Val and Rio are fan favourites and deserve to be immortalised in Lego form.

Bag 6 give us the base of the cockpit and the pilot seat as well as the ships mid-section leaving space at the back for engines. This section also uses the most amount of stickers for outside details.

Bag 6 also gives us the Rio Durant mini-fig. This is a small mini-fig, using the shorter legs used for small or child characters. He also has custom arms which give Rio his four arms. The head mould and paint job is well detailed and the attached goggles aren’t cumbersome or too blocky.

Bag 7 completes the set with the outside of the cockpit and details for the rear of the vehicle.

The slanted walls of the cockpit are held on using a well placed clip brick and the printed hubcaps give nice details on either side of the ship. There is one sticker for this bag, the cockpit window details.

The cockpit has room to fit one mini-fig comfortably and the base of the ship can hold two mini-figs, preferably sitting so their heads aren’t obscured by one of the cross beams.

The ship can comfortably lift the cargo box and be off the ground, although the bulky rear end makes “swooshing” difficult.

The final set looks great, a well detailed ship with fun play features (two stud shooters adorn the sides of the cockpit) and a fun range of mini-figs, with my favourites being Val and Rio.

After getting this set I am sorely tempted to pick up the Conveyex set, but once it has a good price drop that is, I am still disappointed by it only having one carriage. But given the fact that the two sets compliment each other I would be doing myself a disservice by not getting it.

If I had paid full price, however I would have been disappointed by the size, the box give the impression that the set is quite large but once fully constructed it is more of a medium sized set but the amount of pieces and some of the custom pieces made for the set warrant the price.

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