Solo: Revisited

Despite my complete and utter love for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ I was only able to see it once at the cinema.

Complete honesty here, when it came out in May I wasn’t well, I had been suffering with depression for a while, I was putting myself further and further in debt and I really couldn’t afford the ticket for the first time but Star Wars was my comfort blanket so I did it anyway. My illness kept me from seeing it with my Dad, a tradition we have held since the Special Editions came out in 97 where we see the Star Wars films at the cinema together and one we have thoroughly enjoyed the last few years.

But anyway, I only got to see it that one time. I tried to find a less than legitimate method of seeing it but couldn’t do it, so tonight I finally finished watching it at home (took three sessions due to work and family).

I smiled so much through it, and that’s not the medication talking. It’s almost like I had forgotten how much I loved it. The cast, the script, the music, all of it is utter perfection all wrapped up with a Star Wars now.

Is it my favourite Star Wars film? No. Empire Strikes Back still holds the top spot but it’s in a joint second with The Last Jedi. I already gushed about the film in my ‘Solo Sunday’ posts earlier this year so I’ll not re-review the film but instead I will talk about the Special Features.

Firstly let’s talk about the BD menu. The music is from the moment we first set our eyes on the new (old) Millennium Falcon from the track ‘L3 and the Falcon’. When I listen to the soundtrack it’s a moment I always pause whatever I am up to to enjoy without interruptions and having it play on the menu, to me, is a work of pure genius… or emotional manipulation… can’t decide.

The Behind the Scenes bonus features give great insight into the goings-on on set. I especially enjoyed the ‘Becoming A Droid: L3-37’ which went into the development of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character and how they animated the character. The ‘Solo: The Director and Cast Roundtable’ was a fun chat with Ron Howard and the cast of the film with some funny anecdotes from behind the scenes.

The Deleted Scenes… well… I can see why they were deleted. The best was the Imperial Academy sequence with Han in the TIE Fighter and the subsequent tribunal where he is sent into the Infantry. But the scene would have ruined the pace of the film so luckily it hit the cutting room floor. I did enjoy seeing the full cut of the Han/Chewie fight on Mimban, if only as a lesson in editing. The full scene is over-long and works much better in the theatrical version.

I’m a bit gutted by the lack of a BTS Documentary like we got with The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and what we kind of got with Rogue One, when all of the bonus features were viewed all together, but given all of the BTS turmoil Solo went through it’s not surprising there isn’t one.

Although I do think an Audio Commentary would have been an enjoyable extra, but like my dream for the documentary I can understand why there isn’t one.

My one real complaint about the home release isn’t to do with the product, it’s to do with what I have seen online since it came out and the amount of Star Wars fans who have said something akin to the following,

I really enjoyed Solo. Wish I had seen it at the cinema.

To this I can only say, no one stopped you from seeing it at the cinema. You stopped yourself, and now you are kicking yourselves because there won’t be a sequel that everyone, including the recent first time viewers, really want.

But negativity aside, but the DVD/Blu-Ray/4K/Digital Copy and enjoy the hell out of Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s worth every penny.

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