Fandom: I Saw This and Wanted to Cry.

Like most people these days I spend my lunch break on Facebook, and the other day I saw this picture shared in a Star Wars Fan Group I am in and my eyes instantly filled with tears.

It was such a beautiful image showing the good in people and it had something to do with Star Wars which just added to my emotional state even more. Here is the picture.

I have been on the ‘Unvirtuous Abbey’ group to find the person who took the picture but my efforts were in vain.

It’s been a few days since I first saw this picture and I’m just about crying right this second.

Why does this image affect me so much? I’ll list the reasons for you.

1 – As a parent this terrifies me, it makes me sick to my very core that my baby girl could develop Cancer, eve at her age (15 months). And seeing the child in that picture walking hand in hand with someone with that much confidence on their way to yet another bout of treatment which by all accounts is horrible, both during and after because the person holding their hand is dressed as a Star Wars character and god forbid if my daughter did develop Cancer I would hope that she would do the same.

2 – I have lost family members to various forms of Cancer. It is a horrible, disgusting excuse of a disease and it needs to be eradicated as soon as possible (thank you to all the researchers out there trying to achieve this).

3 – It’s seeing the good side of Star Wars fandom doing amazing and powerful things, something so small as holding a child’s hand does so much for those around you, the child, their parents and other family members, the staff at the hospital who have to deal with some horrible things on a daily basis get to see this little bit of light and it could brighten their day just a little.

The photo credits the Stormtrooper as a member of the 501st, one of the various Star Wars related charity groups who build/make their own Star Wars costumes and don charity events, visit hospitals and other good and decent things in the name of Star Wars. The 501st specialise in the costumes of the villains of the Star Wars franchise and the Rebel Legion are the group who specialise in the costumes of the heroes of the franchise. Another group, Saber Guild specialise is choreographed lightsaber battles and work closely with various charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I regularly listen to a podcast that features a member of Saber Guild called Sal Perales, and in a recent episode of ‘Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners’ Sal was a guest and he talked about his work with the group, you can listen to the episode HERE.

After so many months of negativity in the fandom, seeing this picture really gives me hope that one day the fandom will become more positive and, in the words of Bill and Ted, “be excellent to each other.”

And yes, the picture is still making me cry.

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